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Smart Quotes: “Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habit.” — Laozi

Smart Quotes: “Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.” — Ziad K. Abdelnour

Smart Quotes: “Only dumb people try to impress smart people. Smart people just do what they do.” — Chris Rock

Smart Quotes: “Smart work pays best. Trust it.” — Conor McGregor

Smart Quotes: “Believe in yourself, work hard, work smart and passionately present your best self to the world.” — Hill Harper

Smart Quotes: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” — Steve Jobs

Smart Quotes: “The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.” — Stephen Hawking

Smart Quotes: “When you ask a dumb question, you get a smart answer.” — Aristotle

Smart Quotes: “Take care of yourself. Eat well, rest, train hard and smart, make time to think and breathe. Be intentional with your time.” — Kristin Armstrong

Smart Quotes: “Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.” — Steven Anderson

Smart Quotes: “My motto is to keep it simple stupid, work smart not hard.” — Joe Teti

Smart Quotes: “You need not apologize for being brilliant, talented, gorgeous, rich, or smart.” — Marianne Williamson

Smart Quotes: “I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest.” — Veronica Roth

Smart Quotes: “It’s not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart.” — Howard Gardner

Smart Quotes: “I think there are too many smart people pursuing internet stuff, finance, and law. That is part of the reason why we haven’t seen as much innovation.” — Elon Musk

Smart Quotes: “Girls should never be afraid to be smart.” — Emma Watson

Smart Quotes: “Live boldly. Laugh Loudly. Love Truly. Play as often as you can Work as smart as you are able. Share your heart as deeply as you can reach.” — Mary Anne Radmacher

Smart Quotes: “Science is a philosophy of discovery. Intelligent design is a philosophy of ignorance. You cannot build a program of discovery on the assumption that nobody is smart enough to figure out the answer to a problem.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

Smart Quotes: “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” — Napoleon Hill

Smart Quotes: “Smart men walked on the moon, daring men walked on the ocean floor, but wise men walk with God.” — Leonard Ravenhill

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