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Top 20 F. F. Bosworth Quotes (2023 Update)

F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Some people wonder why they can’t have faith for healing. They feed their body three hot meals a day, and their spirit one cold snack a week.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “You don’t have to beg God; you just have to act upon His Word.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “A spiritual law that few recognize is that our confession rules us. It is what we confess with our lips that really dominates our inner being.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “When we have learned the process of faith for receiving healing, we have learned how to receive everything else God promises us in His Word.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “When the farmer gets his seed into the ground, he does not dig it up every day to see how it is doing, but says, “I am glad that is settled.” He believes the seed has begun its work. Why not have this same faith in the “imperishable seed” – Christ’s Words, which He says are “spirit and life.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Seeing only what God says will produce and increase faith. This will make it easier to believe than to doubt. The evidences for faith are so much stronger than those for doubting.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Your success and usefulness in the world is going to be measured by your confession and by the tenacity with which you “hold fast” that confession under all circumstances.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “When we steadfastly believe and act our faith in God’s Word, nothing can keep the power in the Word from making all things to become exactly as the Word says.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Don’t doubt your faith; doubt your doubts, for they are unreliable.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Real faith rejoices in the promise of God as if it saw the deliverance and was enjoying it.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “I have seen faith rise ‘mountain high’ when the truth of God’s present love and compassion begins to dawn upon the minds and hearts of the people. It is not what God can do, but what we know He yearns to do, that inspires faith.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Before people can have a steadfast faith for the healing of their body, they must be rid of all uncertainty concerning God’s will in the matter. Appropriating faith cannot go beyond one’s knowledge of the revealed will of God. Before attempting to exercise faith for healing, one needs to know what the Scriptures plainly teach, that it is just as much God’s will to heal the body as it is to heal the soul.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Praying for healing with the faith-destroying words, “if it be Thy will,′ is not planting the “seed”; it is destroying the seed.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “We see, from almost every conceivable angle throughout the Scripture, that there is no doctrine more clearly taught than that it is God’s will to heal all who have need of healing, and that they may fulfill the number of their days according to His promise.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Everyone that looked at the brazen serpent, the type of Christ, lived. “And their faces were not ashamed;” says the psalmist. They were all, humanly speaking, incurable, but they were both forgiven and healed by looking.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “We must know what the benefits of Calvary are before we can appropriate them by faith.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “God would rather have us doubt His ability than His willingness.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “Let not God’s Word depart from thine eyes; keep it in the midst of thine heart:” That is, look steadfastly and continuously and only at the evidence God gives for your faith.”
F. F. Bosworth Quote: “When your eyes are upon your symptoms and your mind is occupied with them more than with God’s Word, you have in the ground the wrong kind of seed for the harvest that you desire. You have in.”
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