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Top 20 F. Paul Wilson Quotes (2023 Update)

F. Paul Wilson Quote: “If you come to a fight thinking it will be a fair one, you didn’t come prepared.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “Your believing or not believing in karma has no effect on its existence, nor on its consequences to you. Just as a refusal to believe in the ocean would not prevent you from drowning.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “I survived a number of garage bands during my teens and early twenties, both as drummer and guitarist. It’s nigh impossible for me to listen to music without parsing it.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “All men of honor are alone.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “True freedom requires taking responsibility for your own life. That frightens the hell out of too many people. They prefer to have Big Brother holding a safety net for them, and they’ll sell their own birthright and their children’s as well to keep it.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “War, hate, jealousy, racism – what are they but manifestations of fear?”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “Reality is what trips you up when you walk around with your eyes closed.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “I define a thriller as a big-stakes, multiple-viewpoint novel involving suspense, action, and mystery, in which the reader doesn’t know everything but usually knows more than any single character.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “This dazzling, unput-downable debut novel proves beyond a doubt that Dan Wells has the gift. His teenage protagonist is as chilling as he is endearing. More John Wayne Cleaver, please.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “Jesus paid for our sins, so let’s get our money’s worth.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “If all the diplomats were kicked out, the UN could be turned into the finest bordello in the world and do just as much, if not more, for international harmony.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “I always say that Religion and Politics are just clever ways to make un-content people content with their un-contentedness.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “Writing is solitary, so I love going out once in a while and meeting my readers. I’ll often hang with them after a signing for some beers. They’re invariably bright!”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “Milo remembered an old saying his father used to quote to him when he was a boy: Beware the wrath of a patient man.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “Oh, how this sucked. This sucked so thoroughly. It was hard to even quantify the level of suck involved here.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “No one you’d really like to see in public office has the bad taste to run.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “If I don’t already know a song’s chord progression, I’ll stop writing and try to figure it out. I can occasionally listen to unstructured, amelodic ambient music, but I prefer no music. I don’t need silence – I can write just about anywhere – but music is a major distraction.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “I have never written a book that I wouldn’t want to read. The trouble is, I love to read horror, sf, fantasy, mysteries, hero pulps – romantic fiction, in the original, traditional meaning of that term, as opposed to mimetic fiction. But most of all, I love thrillers.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “I will.” They both knew that was a lie, but Jack was doing.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “You are not expected to. You are not capable of it. I am beyond your experience.” Cuza.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “I had never heard of it, but then I do not clutter my mind with trivialities such as tales of ancient sunken cities and such. They take up room that might be more usefully occupied by facts and theories related to solving crimes. I recall how Watson was shocked when he learned that I could not name the planets, and had no idea that they numbered eight. But really, of what use is such information? None.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “My genre-hopping has caused problems with marketing and sales departments over the years, because they need to know where to position a book with the booksellers.”
F. Paul Wilson Quote: “There can be no coexistence with monsters’” Glenn said, “be they Nazis or Nosferatu. Excuse me.” He.”
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