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Top 8 Fang Fang Quotes (2023 Update)

Fang Fang Quote: “In many cases the problem does not lie with someone paying too much attention to the dark side of things, it is actually due to our overemphasis on bright and positive things – sometimes that brightness can be so blinding that it damages our ability to see things clearly.”
Fang Fang Quote: “When the world of officialdom skips over the natural process of competition, it leads to disaster; empty talk about political correctness without seeking truth from facts also leads to disaster; prohibiting people from speaking the truth and the media from reporting the truth leads to disaster; and now we are tasting the fruits of these disasters, one by one.”
Fang Fang Quote: “Just like normal times, during this outbreak, there are still a lot of foolish people doing foolish things. But, these days, it is not just the foolish committing those foolish acts.”
Fang Fang Quote: “We need to hold those people in charge who were negligent, irresponsible, or simply failed to act accountable for the harm they caused. These cases need to be rigorously pursued, and none of those parties responsible should be allowed to weasel their way out of this.”
Fang Fang Quote: “I’m not sure if those earlier issues have really been resolved or if they’ve just been censored from the internet. After experiencing so much censorship, I have come to grow numb about the whole thing. Yesterday I said that we are our own worst enemies; this process of becoming enemies of ourselves probably begins with that feeling of numbness.”
Fang Fang Quote: “Concealment is the brother of censorship.”
Fang Fang Quote: “The problem is that your so-called humanistic spirit hasn’t allowed you to think about things from someone else’s perspective. If you did, then you would have taken all this into consideration already... Adhering to the principles of humanism is the most basic and fundamental type of common sense.”
Fang Fang Quote: “Only when you understand common sense will you be able to truly understand how to take care of practical matters.”
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