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Top 25 Farley Mowat Quotes (2023 Update)

Farley Mowat Quote: “Inaction will cause a man to sink into the slough of despond and vanish without a trace.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “We have doomed the wolf not for what it is, but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be –the mythologized epitome of a savage ruthless killer – which is, in reality, no more than a reflected image of ourself.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “And this is what happened, ands this is why the caribou and the wolf are one; for the caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf that keeps the caribou strong.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “I never let the facts get in the way of the truth!”
Farley Mowat Quote: “It is in our nature to travel into our past, hoping thereby to illuminate the darkness that bedevils the present.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “You never know when the devil might come calling.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “The wolf never kills for fun, which is probably one of the main differences distinguishing him from man.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “We’re under some gross misconception that we’re a good species, going somewhere important, and that at the last minute we’ll correct our errors and God will smile on us. It’s delusion.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “Truth I have no trouble with, it’s the facts I get all screwed up.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “I believe in God the way my dog does.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “Don’t make a big distinction between fiction and non-fiction. These are arbitrary distinctions...”
Farley Mowat Quote: “After all, we fought the Yanks in 1812 and kicked them the hell out of our country – but not with blanks.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “The frozen fish were later put in deep holes in the moss and covered over to keep until they were needed.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “Stephen Harper is probably the most dangerous human being ever elevated to power in Canada.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “Mutt enjoyed traveling by car, but he was an unquiet passenger. He suffered from the delusion, common to dogs and small boys, that when he was looking out the right-hand side, he was probably missing something far more interesting on the left-hand side.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “Somewhere to the eastward a wolf howled; lightly, questioningly. I knew the voice, for I had heard it many times before. It was George, sounding the wasteland for an echo from the missing members of his family. But for me it was a voice which spoke of the lost world which once was ours before we chose the alien role; a world which I had glimpsed and almost entered... only to be excluded, at the end, by my own self.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “There was no other wanderer on that road, yet I was not alone, for his tracks went with me, each pawprint as familiar as the print of my own hand. I followed them, and I knew each thing that he had done, each move that he had made, each thought that had been his; for so it is with two who live one life together.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “If you are going to be a big personality, you’ve got to have some kind of characteristic gimmick.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “I have to go on writing because I wouldn’t be able to go on without writing. It is the only function that works for me, and without that function, I would die.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “Then he jumped up and shouted.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “Without a function, we cease to be. So, I will write till I die.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “The new plan looked like the answer.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “Jamie was quick to see a use for the ice sheet.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “I write every day. I’m always in the process of writing my last book, until the next one.”
Farley Mowat Quote: “I’ll braid you one.”
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