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Top 30 Farrah Fawcett Quotes (2023 Update)

Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Everyday is a good day, just some days are better.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Everything has positive and negative consequences.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “My number one goal is to love, support and be there for my son.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “There are no words to express how sad and devastated I am. I have lost one of my dearest friends, and the industry has lost a giant.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “In the face of excruciating pain and uncertainty, I never lost hope, and it never occurred to me to stop fighting – not ever.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Throughout the journey of my life, I have maintained a strong faith in the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. I deeply believe in one’s own positive will to overcome even the most daunting challenges.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I like it when you’re under the ocean, and all you can feel is calm.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “The reason the all-American boy prefers beauty over brains is that the all-American boy can see better than he can think.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “It is seriously time for a miracle.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I’m a private person. I’m shy about people knowing things.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I thought Marilyn Monroe was the most beautiful woman in the world and Elizabeth Taylor breathtaking. But when I see myself on the screen I say: ‘Oh shoot! What are they talking about?’”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I’ll do anything to stop my son running out into the street. I’ll take a bullet for him. He’s hit me a few times. He shows no remorse afterward.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “God made man stronger but not necessarily more intelligent. He gave women intuition and femininity. And, used properly, that combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Stress is what feeds your cancer. Stress is what gives you cancer and then there’s the paparazzi giving you stress.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I deeply believe in one’s own positive will to overcome even the most daunting challenges.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Cancer is a disease that is mysterious, headstrong and makes its own rules. And mine, to this date, is incurable.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Marriages that last are with people who do not live in Los Angeles.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Before my mother died, she made me promise to do everything that could be done to make sure my father was not left alone after she was gone.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “God gave women instinct and womanliness. Utilized appropriately, the combo effortlessly disorders the mind of any man I’ve ever met.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I’m holding onto the hope that there is some reason that I got cancer and there is something – that may not be very clear to me right now – but that I will do.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Ryan took him out of Betty Ford after Redmond wanted to leave because he met a girl there. The girl was a heroin addict. She was the one who introduced him to the stuff.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Cancer is my own private war. The strain, the nausea, the fever take turns challenging my strength, my mind and my spirit...”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Looking a certain way is a blessing and a curse.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “When you do bad things, bad things happen to you.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Im shy. I can go on a trip for days and not go because I wont sit on a toilet seat on a plane. Im certainly not going to go on somebodys lawn. Could you imagine, in a cocktail dress?”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “What would you do if someone said to you: “You’re so popular right now that you can be on the cover of every magazine, but if you do that, you might get overexposed and a backlash will develop”? That’s life. Everything has positive and negative consequences.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I do not want to die of this disease. So I say to God: “It is seriously time for a miracle.””
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I don’t think an actor ever wants to establish an image. That certainly hurt me, and yet that is also what made me successful and eventually able to do more challenging roles.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I feel like a dog who has been to the vet too many times.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “Have I been wiretapped? Yes. But who they said wiretapped me was incorrect.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I am proud of what I have got and I need an audience.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I can have men as friends. I used to not be able to.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “As much as I would have liked to have kept my cancer private, I now realize that I have a certain responsibility to those who are fighting their own fights and may be able to benefit from learning about mine.”
Farrah Fawcett Quote: “I became famous almost before I had a craft.”
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