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Top 80 Farshad Asl Quotes (2023 Update)

Farshad Asl Quote: “I don’t call it “Life Insurance,” I call it “Love Insurance.” We buy it because we want to leave a legacy for those we love.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Don’t let toxic people sabotage your happiness, ruin your positive attitude, contaminate your mind or destroy your self-confidence. Instead, surround yourself with generous, positive, and nurturing people who will lift you up.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Real leadership involves clear communication, personal accountability, and a zest for bringing out the best in everyone!”
Farshad Asl Quote: “If there isn’t a struggle, there’s no stretch, and therefore no growth. Easy doesn’t change you and comfort won’t challenge you. Coasting isn’t a strategy.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Keep making a difference out there! Don’t let the noise around you distract you from listening to the voice within you.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Haters don’t really hate you. They hate seeing your potential and not their own. Love them anyways and someday they’ll become your biggest fans.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Vision with action and commitment can change the world, but without action it’s just a dream, and without commitment it’s a nightmare.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “The difference between poverty and prosperity is the mindset of living out of necessity instead of possibility.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “I don’t compete, I dominate. I don’t participate, I partner. I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Authentic Leaders are not afraid to show emotion and vulnerability as they share in the challenges with their team. Developing a solid foundation of trust with open and honest communication is critical to authentic leadership.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Selling is serving, helping others find solutions, impacting lives positively with passion and integrity.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Life is too short to try and please everyone. Take charge and do what’s right – not what’s popular.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Believing and investing in yourself is the best way to shift your thinking from a paradigm of excuses to one of solutions.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Leaders don’t assume. Assumptions are the termites of leadership. Communicate, communicate, and communicate, until you connect.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Communication without clarity is noise. Speak with purpose and you’ll propel your audience to take massive action towards a journey of self-improvement.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “An uninspired mind creates a lack of energy for the body, resulting in a lack of performance filled with excuses.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Closing the deal is not just selling, it is MOVING people from where they are to where they should be; helping them make the right choices and take action toward their financial freedom, peace of mind, and legacy.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Don’t wait for being completely ready for the plans and ideas you may have in mind. Take action now and along the way you will learn and become ready.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Don’t be a prisoner of the past, become a pioneer of the future.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “You don’t have to be the most educated or the most experienced to start the journey, but the most willing to out-learn and out-work everyone around you.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Once you accept your circumstances and decide to take action, you can welcome change. Change is an opportunity to form new habits and become who you are meant to be.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Be fast, be first, but never be alone. Nothing can replace the value of teamwork.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “There is an amazing beauty and strength in diversity. Everyone has something special to offer, everyone has a gift that can add value to the organization, community and even the world. People with different tribe, race, religion and nationality can come together and accomplish something extraordinary. The key is the culture of unity and team work.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Personal growth doesn’t occur without effort. The effort is one of recognizing your own power, and taking ownership and responsibility for your own development.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Knowledge is learning something new everyday. Wisdom is letting go of some bad habits everyday.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Vision leads to proper planning and proper planning leads to successful completion.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “You don’t achieve success, you attract success.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Change is a difficult process. It can truly take place in an environment of support, structure, and sacrifice. Support comes from asking for help, seeking professional coaching, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Structure requires accountability, a follow-up system, and action. Sacrifice requires paying the price and getting out of your comfort zone but staying in your strength zone.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Motivation doesn’t work, Your decisions do!”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Leadership is not always about your power, it’s all about your ability to empower, encourage, and elevate others.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Happiness attracts success. Happy people perform at a much higher level with less burnout, greater productivity, and more resilience. You can’t win being unhappy.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “The inquisitive nature of youth should carry over into our adult lives. Challenging the status quo and enticing curiosity should be a daily practice of adult life.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “A leader must stand up for his team even when he has to stand alone.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Coaching is the universal to connect with people, helping them to develop a new perspective, while expanding their inner beliefs and boundaries, equipping them to become the best version of themselves.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Don’t be a prisoner of people’s opinion of you, become liberated in God’s design of you. You are beautifully made.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Everything you attract into your life is a reflection of the story you believe and keep telling yourself.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Crisis creates corrections, adjustments, and self-evaluation.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Indecisiveness is the number one reason for failure. Lack of ability to make a decision in a timely manner causes most people to fail with their projects and plans. Identify this challenge and decide to no longer let it be a setback from your success.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Praise someone today and you’ll unleash their potential forever.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Sharing a clear and concise vision spawns a sense of purpose and direction. It attracts success toward you and helps you build an expanding team.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Generosity is a strength, not a weakness.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Enthusiastic people take action rather than setting up roadblocks or distractions. What helps grow enthusiasm and build momentum is having a clear vision of what motivates you, which will help you remain focused.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “There is a big difference between motion and action. Just because you get out of bed doesn’t mean you are making progress. Taking action requires decisiveness, dedication, and clear direction.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Worrying is not an act of God; it’s failing to act in the faith of His plan.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Transformation takes place within us when we learn to be intentional and go from focusing on me to others, success to significance, limited to limitless, and scarcity to abundance.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “This process of breaking the old habits and making new ones requires strategic planning. Your vision is your why, while your strategic plan is your how. Even though the details are essential and knowing your numbers are important, it is the burning desire in your heart that will get you to the outcome you expect.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Leadership is the art of intentional living.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “The key to having fewer disappointments in life is to stop pleasing people. Your true calling is to please God.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “There are no speed limits on the road to success. The No Excuses Mindset is key.”
Farshad Asl Quote: “Be a creator not an imitator, competitor, or pretender. Real success happens when you create, collaborate, and dominate.”
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