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Top 10 Fatema Mernissi Quotes (2023 Update)

Fatema Mernissi Quote: “The real mistake of women was to let the memoir, the collective, the history, space of producing history – to let it in the hands of men.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “Writing is one of the most ancient forms of prayer. To write is to believe communication is possible that other people are good, that you can awaken their generosity and their desire to do better.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “I am intelligent enough to be critical towards the West and take what I need and reject what is bad for me.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “Being frozen into the passive position of an object whose very existence depends on the eye of its beholder turn the educated modern Western women into a harem slave.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “One cannot understand what’s happening to women in the Middle East if they don’t realize that the mothers are a strong, progressive force. The mothers push the daughters to get out of the harem, to get the education, to achieve what they could not even dream of.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “Pessimism is the luxury of the powerful.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “Morocco is such a beautiful place. It’s incredibly beautiful. And also it is captivating place because for a writer, you feel that you make impact.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “If your idea disturbs a conservative man, hang onto it,” I said to myself. “It will probably lead to important discoveries.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “I, as a Muslim woman living in 1993, I want to have two things – the mosque and the satellite, both at the same time. And no one can mutilate me by telling me I cannot have the mosque or the Koran.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “There are many ways to be beautiful. Fighting, swearing, and ignoring tradition could make a women irresistible.”
Fatema Mernissi Quote: “But when your situation is hopeless, all you can do is turn the world upside down, transform it according to your wishes, and create anew.”
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