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Top 60 Federico Fellini Quotes (2023 Update)

Federico Fellini Quote: “A different language is a different vision of life.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “The visionary is the only realist.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “You have to live spherically – in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm – and things will come your way.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Regrets are a waste of time. They’re the past crippling you in the present.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “No matter what happens, always Keep your childhood innocence. It’s the most important thing.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Everyone knows that time is Death, that Death hides in clocks. Imposing another time powered by the Clock of the Imagination, however, can refuse his law. Here, freed of the Grim Reaper’s scythe, we learn that pain is knowledge and all knowledge pain.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “You exist only in what you do.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Freedom, especially a woman’s freedom, is a conquest to be made, not a gift to be received. It isn’t granted. It must be taken.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Realism is a bad word. In a sense everything is realistic. I see no line between the imaginary and the real.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Nothing is more honest than a dream.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Don’t tell me what I’m doing; I don’t want to know.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Even the most miserable life is better than a sheltered existence in an organized society where everything is calculated and perfected.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Censorship is advertising paid by the government.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Our minds can shape the way a thing will be because we act according to our expectations.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Experience is what you get while looking for something else.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “I claim the right to contradict myself. I don’t want to deprive myself of the right to talk nonsense, and I ask humbly to be allowed to be wrong sometimes.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “There is abundant testimony that if we choose love rather than self, we gain immeasurably.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “The greatest danger for artists is total freedom.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “All art is autobiographical.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Never trust a woman who doesn’t like to eat. She is probably lousy in bed.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Marriage, if it is to survive, must be treated as the beginning, not as the happy ending.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Don’t forget that costumes, like dreams, are symbolic communication. Dreams teach us that a language for everything exists – for every object, every color worn, every clothing detail. Hence, costumes provide an aesthetic objectification that helps to tell the character’s story.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “God may not play dice but he enjoys a good round of Trivial Pursuit every now and again.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Going to the cinema is like returning to the womb; you sit there, still and meditative in the darkness, waiting for life to appear on the screen.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Fate is written in the face.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “For people who live in the imagination, there is no lack of subjects. To seek for the exact moment at which inspiration comes is false. Imagination floods us with suggestions all the time, from all directions.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “We can all pretend to be cynical and scheming, but when we’re faced with purity and innocence, the cynical mask drops off.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “No critic writing about a film could say more than the film itself, although they do their best to make us think the oppposite.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “I don’t believe in total freedom for the artist. Left on his own, free to do anything he likes, the artist ends up doing nothing at all. If there’s one thing that’s dangerous for an artist, it’s precisely this question of total freedom, waiting for inspiration and all the rest of it.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “One doesn’t remember one’s own life chronologically, the way it happened, what was most important, or even what seemed most important. We are not in control of our memories. One doesn’t own one’s memories. One is owned by them.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Talking about dreams is like talking about movies, since the cinema uses the language of dreams; years can pass in a second and you can hop from one place to another. It’s a language made of image. And in the real cinema, every object and every light means something, as in a dream.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “It’s easier to be faithful to a restaurant than it is to a woman.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Nothing is sadder than laughter; nothing more beautiful, more magnificent, more uplifting and enriching than the terror of deep despair.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Reality! But what does this word mean? Each has his own reality. I draw upon my personal reality upon the dark side of myself, my unconscious.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “A created thing is never invented and it is never true: it is always and ever itself.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Happiness is simply a temporary condition that proceeds unhappiness. Fortunately for us, it works the other way around as well. But it’s all a part of the carnival, isn’t it?”
Federico Fellini Quote: “The artist is the medium between his fantasies and the rest of the world.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “I spent my life trying to cure myself of my education.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Loneliness is a heavy burden, but i’d rather be alone than make compromises.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “A good opening and a good ending make for a good film provided they come close together.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Real religion should be something that liberates men. But churches don’t want free men who can think for themself and find their own divinity within. When a religion becomes organized it is no longer a religious experience but only superstition and estrangement.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Peellaert’s comic strips were the literature of intelligence, imagination and romanticism.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “When the most important times are occurring, we don’t even recognize them or notice. We are just busy living our lives. Only looking back do we know what was a great moment in our lives.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “As a writer and director, I want to know what is behind the good manners and soft voice. Who is inside the silhouette?”
Federico Fellini Quote: “I even see the cinema itself as a woman, with its alternation of light and darkness, of appearing and disappearing images.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole, it would be about me.”
Federico Fellini Quote: “It is only when I am doing my work that I feel truly alive.”
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