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Top 10 Felice Stevens Quotes (2023 Update)

Felice Stevens Quote: “Not everything that happens to us is within our control, my friend. Sometimes life gives us a swift kick in the ass, and we have to do the best we can with what we’re given.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “There are those nights when the dark is so black and thick, you can’t see yourself, and all you wish for is someone to hold on to. So you reach across those empty sheets of silence, groping and grasping, hoping you’ll touch something, anything warm and alive. But once again you come up cold.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “I don’t know how to say pretty words. All I can tell you is when I’m with you, it all makes sense. People used to tell me half a life is better than none, but you’ve made me see everything I’ve been missing. Loving you has made me whole again.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “That’s how you make me feel; like I’m free-falling, but still flying in the wind.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “We’ve been given a second chance. Some people never even get a first. Do you know how lucky we are?”
Felice Stevens Quote: “Sometimes it takes a kick in the ass to show us what really is important in life, doesn’t it?”
Felice Stevens Quote: “How do the flawed and damaged living ever measure up to the perfection of the dead?”
Felice Stevens Quote: “The wonderful thing about second chances is that they exist.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “There was nothing Jordan enjoyed more than a challenge, and Lucas Conover was nothing if not a challenge.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “There comes a point where you become tired of the loneliness and need a human touch, a caress to make you realize you still exist as a person.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “Man or woman, what did it matter who he slept with, and why did people think it was any of their business?”
Felice Stevens Quote: “Once you’re inside me, I promise to let you know how good I feel.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “Con il suo commento, Jordan ci era andato fin troppo vicino: Drew aveva effettivamente immaginato Asher Davis mentre faceva sesso. Forse doveva imparare a nascondere meglio i suoi pensieri.”
Felice Stevens Quote: “Is it normal to live a lie because you’re too scared to tell the truth?”
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