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Top 20 Felix Blackwell Quotes (2023 Update)

Felix Blackwell Quote: “Terror is a curious thing. In short bursts it can give strength, speed, or heightened awareness. It can elicit a scream or stop a man dead in his tracks. But when applied over many hours, it can break down the mind and render the body catatonic. It weakens the spirit and puts every flaw on stark display, so as to salt the wounds it inflicts at its onset.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “I suppose that if you speak long enough into the void, someone is bound to start listening.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “It was an endless labyrinth of burning flesh, where we are propelled ever forward by the swelling of blisters; and where we gasp for air constantly, only to choke on toxic smoke.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “As the shadowy figure beat down on me, I freed a hand and clawed at his face, searching for eyes to gouge out. A row of teeth caught my fingers and bit down hard on them, and then I felt a mixture of blood and saliva drip down my forearm. I screamed and threw a wild elbow, rallying my strength as it collided with a wet smack against the creature’s jaw. He howled in pain and relented just long enough for me to get to my feet.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “A man can only stare at the shadows for so long before they drive him insane.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “Faye rolled toward me so that our noses touched. Her eyes were open and rolled far back in her head. She smiled and ran a fingernail across my cheek, pretending to carve ribbons of flesh. She reminded me of a butcher delicately assessing a filet. “They’re gonna kill you,” she whispered–then licked my face.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “Why should one of us suffer in order for the other to be happy? Maybe instead of trying to put out fires all the time, I should instead let everything burn to ash.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “Nothing human remained in her gaze now; I was staring into the eyes of a wolf, and they looked up at me with terrifying glee. She seemed to recognize me, but not in the way that two people who live in the same house recognize each other. It was as though I’d been missing a thousand years, and she had finally found me.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “There is a brief moment at night when the brain is neither awake nor asleep, but somewhere in between. In that moment, I sometimes hear things – distant voices or odd sounds.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “Whatever it was that had found us at the cabin had followed us home.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “As my hands slid over the misshapen lumps of his face, I felt his bones shift and slide. I felt a mouth too wide to be human, and wet, sticky lips that draped across a hundred jagged fangs. And then it was over. The bastard had had enough. He took off on all fours, shrieking like a banshee in five different voices. He barreled up the kitchen wall and out the window, disappearing into the night.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “The possibility of vomiting becomes subconscious; I don’t really think about it anymore. I simply fear everything.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “Our rental car was now encased in a brick of ice, waiting to be chipped free by future archaeologists.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “Don’t!” she yelled, slapping the back of my head. “Aren’t you the one who loves horror movies? You’re gonna get cursed or something, stupid.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “You know when you’re a kid and you see a shadow on your wall at night, and it looks like a monster? Or when you see animals in the clouds? That’s pareidolia. And it happens with sound, too. The wind blows through a cave or something just right, and people think they hear a voice. Your brain even makes words out of it, in.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “The moment I cracked the door open, a blast of frigid mountain air stung my face. It burned the last bit of sleep from my eyes and sharpened all my senses.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “The believer and the atheist live inside of me together.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “In a single lunge, he covered fifteen feet and knocked the wind right out of me with a brutal head-butt. I toppled backward and crash-landed on the floor near the front door, my neck and shoulders bearing most of the impact. He was on me in an instant, unleashing a barrage of blows to my head. He raked my chest with razor-like claws. I tried my best to defend myself, but it was so dark in the house that I couldn’t see where the strikes came from.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “I tended to group people into two groups: one that values politeness over honesty, and the other exactly opposite.”
Felix Blackwell Quote: “As I turned to leave, an inky form clambered up from the staircase and into the hallway, then moved into the spare room where I’d been working. The thing skittered like a human-sized spider, each limb moving independently and jutting from a rigid body.”
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