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Frank Schaeffer Quote: “There is nothing more profane than the image of an atheist with tears in his eyes conducting the glory and passion of Handel’s Messiah.”

Frank Schaeffer Quote: “People are not as one-dimensional as the stories about them.”

Frank Schaeffer Quote: “You Republicans are the arsonists who burned down our national home. Now you have the nerve to criticize the ‘architect’ America just hired – President Obama – to rebuild from the ashes.”

Frank Schaeffer Quote: “We’re living in an acquisitive capitalist society that is fundamentally anti-family and fundamentally uncomfortable with just enjoying being human. We’d rather shop than live, acquire than love and stare into a screen than hold each other.”

Frank Schaeffer Quote: “Evangelical Christians are not sincere. It is all about making money.”

Frank Schaeffer Quote: “North Korea and evangelical empires have the same principle of leadership: nepotism to the nth degree. You may not get the call, but you inherit the mailing list.”

Frank Schaeffer Quote: “Since science is fashionable today, it allows its fraternity to propose cloddish monstrosities as a solution to man’s problems in many fields. Fashion rules and, anyway, who but the experts can even dare to speak up?”
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