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Gary Hamel Quotes

Gary Hamel Quote: “Win small, win early, win often.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “You can’t use an old map to see a new land.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Innovation is the fuel for growth. When a company runs out of innovation, it runs out of growth.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Taking risks, breaking the rules, and being a maverick have always been important but today they are more crucial than ever.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “The problem with the future is that it is different, if you are unable to think differently, the future will always arrive as a surprise.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Are we changing as fast as the world around us?”
Gary Hamel Quote: “You can’t build an adaptable organization without adaptable people – and individuals change only when they have to, or when they want to.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Great accomplishments start with great aspirations.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Today, no leader can afford to be indifferent to the challenge of engaging employees in the work of creating the future. Engagement may have been optional in the past, but its pretty much the whole game today.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “A titled leader relies heavily on positional power to get things done; a natural leader is able to mobilize others without the whip of formal authority.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Management innovation is going to be the most enduring source of competitive advantage. There will be lots of rewards for firms in the vanguard.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Organizational structures of today demand too much from a few, and not much at all from everyone else.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “In the age of revolution it is not knowledge that produces new wealth, but insight – insight into opportunities for discontinuous innovation. Discovery is the journey; insight is the destination. You must become your own seer.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Top-down authority structures turn employees into bootlickers, breed pointless struggles for political advantage, and discourage dissent.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Out there in some garage is an entrepreneur who’s forging a bullet with your company’s name on it. You’ve got one option now – to shoot first. You’ve got to out innovate the innovators.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Any company that cannot imagine the future won’t be around to enjoy it.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “The single biggest reason companies fail is they overinvest in what is, as opposed to what might be.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “In an increasingly non-linear economy, incremental change is not enough-you have to build a capacity for strategy innovation, one that increases your ability to recognize new opportunities.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Discovery is the journey; insight is the destination.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “An enterprise that is constantly exploring new horizons is likely to have a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “The biggest barriers to strategic renewal are almost always top management’s unexamined beliefs.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “There is no way to create wealth without ideas. Most new ideas are created by newcomers. So anyone who thinks the world is safe for incumbents is dead wrong.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “The opportunities for future growth are everywhere. Seeing the future has nothing to do with speculating about what might happen. Rather, you must understand the revolutionary potential of what is already happening.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “We like to believe we can break strategy down to Five Forces or Seven Ss. But you can’t. Strategy is extraordinarily emotional and demanding.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Most of us understand that innovation is enormously important. It’s the only insurance against irrelevance. It’s the only guarantee of long-term customer loyalty. It’s the only strategy for out-performing a dismal economy.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “The real damper on employee engagement is the soggy, cold blanket of centralized authority. In most companies, power cascades downwards from the CEO. Not only are employees disenfranchised from most policy decisions, they lack even the power to rebel against egocentric and tyrannical supervisors.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Somewhere out there is a bullet with your company’s name on it. Somewhere out there is a competitor, unborn and unknown, that will render your strategy obsolete. You can’t dodge the bullet – you’re going to have to shoot first. You’re going to have to out-innovate the innovators.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “From Gandhi to Mandela, from the American patriot to the Polish shipbuilders, the makers of revolutions have not come from the top.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “We’ve reached the end of incrementalism. Only those companies that are capable of creating industry revolutions will prosper in the new economy.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “An adaptable company is one that captures more than its fair share of new opportunities. It’s always redefining its ‘core business’ in ways that open up new avenues for growth.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “One doesn’t have to be a Marxist to be awed by the scale and success of early-20th-cent ury efforts to transform strong-willed human beings into docile employees.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “In a world of commoditized knowledge, the returns go to the companies who can produce non-standard knowledge.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “This extraordinary arrogance that change must start at the top is a way of guaranteeing that change will not happen in most companies.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “We owe our existence to innovation. Our species exists thanks to four billion years of genetic innovation.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “For the first time in history we can work backward from our imagination rather than forward from our past.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “The problem is not one of prediction. It is one of imagination.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Trust is not simply a matter of truthfulness, or even constancy. It is also a matter of amity and goodwill. We trust those who have our best interests at heart, and mistrust those who seem deaf to our concerns.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Competition for the future is competition to create and dominate emerging opportunities-to stake out new competitive space. Creating the future is more challenging than playing catch up, in that you have to create your own roadmap.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Only stupid questions create wealth.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “What matters in the new economy is not return on investment, but return on imagination.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “If customer ignorance is a profit centre for you, you’re in trouble.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “To be embraced, a change effort must be socially constructed in a process that gives everyone the right to set priorities, diagnose barriers, and generate options.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Fact is, inventing an innovative business model is often mostly a matter of serendipity.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Strategy is, above all else, the search for above average returns.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “It doesn’t matter much where your company sits in its industry ecosystem, nor how vertically or horizontally integrated it is – what matters is its relative ‘share of customer value’ in the final product or solution, and its cost of producing that value.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “I’m a capitalist by conviction and profession. I believe the best economic system is one that rewards entrepreneurship and risk-taking, maximizes customer choice, uses markets to allocate scarce resources and minimizes the regulatory burden on business.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “The only thing that can be safely predicted is that sometime soon your organization will be challenged to change in ways for which it has no precedent.”
Gary Hamel Quote: “Perseverance may be just as important as speed in the battle for the future.”
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