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George Michael Quotes
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George Michael Quote: “With pop stars or film stars, we become the object of people’s self-definition, as well as the object of sexual definition.”
George Michael Quote: “I don’t consider Americans bullies, but I do consider the American government bullying.”
George Michael Quote: “I’m not anti-American. I’ve lived with Kenny, a Texan, for six years.”
George Michael Quote: “I went to prison, I paid my bill.”
George Michael Quote: “I probably owe an apology to fans that have been supportive and have not wanted to believe any of this was true. It takes a little bit of the sheen off of the mystique.”
George Michael Quote: “I can’t bear Catholicism.”
George Michael Quote: “I spent years growing up being told what my sexuality was.”
George Michael Quote: “I want to make a pop album – something more upbeat than my stuff was in the ’90s.”
George Michael Quote: “For a while I took Ecstacy when it was not very available over here. I took it simply because it made me feel that everything was wonderful.”
George Michael Quote: “Satire is used for political purposes all the time, but obviously there’s a time and a place. I think in the current climate, it can be very difficult to speak your mind, but sometimes, I believe, we’re all in danger and I think this discussion needs to be widened.”
George Michael Quote: “Celebrity and secrets don’t go together. The bastards will get you in the end.”
George Michael Quote: “Your political system is actually too democratic. The fact that Americans vote on every bill and proposition can prolong bigotry indefinitely, especially where it is aimed at minority groups.”
George Michael Quote: “I really have no plans for any kind of career in TV or anything, but if I wanted to become good at it, I could. But I don’t really think it’s in the cards.”
George Michael Quote: “Me, I don’t want any children, I don’t want responsibility. I am gay, I smoke weed and I do exactly what I want in my life because of my talent. I represent an ideal which others have had to let go and they blame me for that. Especially men.”
George Michael Quote: “I’ve wondered what my sexuality might be, but I’ve never wondered whether it was acceptable or not. Anyway, who really cares whether I’m gay or straight?”
George Michael Quote: “My American gay audience have continued to dance and sing to the music I make in a way that straight Americans haven’t. I am grateful to them for that.”
George Michael Quote: “I would advise any gay person that being out in the real sense can never happen too soon.”
George Michael Quote: “All fear does is waste time.”
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