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Quotes About Careers: “Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.” — Meg Whitman

Quotes About Careers: “Kill time and you will kill your career.” — B.C. Forbes

Quotes About Careers: “The difference between a job and a career is the difference between forty and sixty hours a week.” — Robert Frost

Quotes About Careers: “Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.” — Ray Bradbury

Quotes About Careers: “Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” — Stephen Hawking

Quotes About Careers: “A job is how you make money. A career is how you make your mark. A calling is how you acknowledge a higher vision, whatever it may be.” — Deepak Chopra

Quotes About Careers: “Design is a career where you learn creative decision making.” — Biz Stone

Quotes About Careers: “Choose a career you love and you will never have to go to work.” — Denis Waitley

Quotes About Careers: “The true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers.” — Chris Hedges

Quotes About Careers: “Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.” — Max Ehrmann

Quotes About Careers: “Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career.” — Abdul Kalam

Quotes About Careers: “Great teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define our careers.” — Pat Riley

Quotes About Careers: “How you earn your money and build your career is how you earn your destiny and build your legacy.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Quotes About Careers: “I wouldn’t count it out, but right now I feel like my career is still just starting. The best years are yet to come.” — Phil Ivey

Quotes About Careers: “From the beginning of your career until the end, you have people telling you, you can’t do something or you’re only going to get so far. That either drives you to be become the best or it stops you at the stipulations that other people have for you.” — Dominick Cruz

Quotes About Careers: “People are afraid of things they don’t understand. They don’t know how to relate. It threatens their security, their existence, their career, image.” — Bill Laswell

Quotes About Careers: “My career is my girlfriend.” — Aaron Carter

Quotes About Careers: “I only wish to climb even higher during the rest of my career bc with the power of Team Grimmie, I won’t stop.” — Christina Grimmie

Quotes About Careers: “What I love about the gay thing is that every single person I type into Google, it doesn’t matter if it’s Florence Welch, anybody, if you are not being called gay you don’t have a career. That’s my theory!” — Daniel Radcliffe

Quotes About Careers: “I had to walk away from America, and say goodbye to the biggest part of my career, because I knew otherwise my demons would get the better of me.” — George Michael

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