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Top 70 Grant Cardone Quotes (2023 Update)
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Grant Cardone Quote: “Nothing happens to you; it happens because of you.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “No commitment equals no results.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “A little imagination combined with massive action goes a long way.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “You must set targets that are 10 times what you think you want and then do 10 times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets. Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “All the excuses in the world won’t change one simple fact: that fear is a sign to do whatever it is you fear – and do it quickly.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Disciplined, consistent, and persistent actions are more of a determining factor in the creation of success than any other combination of things.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “I would rather fail pushing forward than in retreat.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “The moment you start thinking someone else’s gain is your loss, you limit yourself by thinking in terms of competition and shortages.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Become so sold, so convinced, so committed to your company, product, and service that you believe it would be a terrible thing for the buyer to do business anywhere else with any other product.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “One of the major differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that the former look for problems to resolve, whereas the latter make every attempt to avoid them.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Your ability to do well in life depends on your ability to sell others on the things in which you believe!”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Never take the position that things just happen to you; rather, they happen because of something you did or did not do.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “If most of your customers are grinding you on price, then your level of service is not obvious to them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t grind you on just price because they would value the service you’re giving them.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Most people do not attack their projects with “I-have-to-get-it-done-now” urgency and therefore they do not get it done. Most people never commit like fanatics, and therefore they never become fantastic.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “You have to approach the notion of success the way good parents approach their duty to their children; it’s an honor, an obligation, and a priority.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “What if the only thing standing in the way of your greatness was that you just had to go after everything obsessively, persistently, and as though your life depended on it?”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Obsession is what you will need to set 10X goals and to follow them up with 10X actions. Remember.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “This is the problem with many members of the middle class. They go after what they’ve deemed necessary rather than ever going really big.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “1. Mistargeting by setting objectives that are too low and don’t allow for enough correct motivation. 2. Severely underestimating what it will take in terms of actions, resources, money, and energy to accomplish the target. 3. Spending too much time competing and not enough time dominating their sector. 4. Underestimating the amount of adversity they will need to overcome in order to actually attain their desired goal.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “To really go at it in life and in business, you have to say yes to everything. It’s something you’ll see successful people do time and again – not because they can but because they choose to say yes. They eagerly engage in life and realize that the word “yes” has more life and possibilities in it – and.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Problems are opportunities, and conquered opportunities equal money earned.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “When people start limiting the amount of success they desire, I assure you they will limit what will be required of them in order to achieve success and will fail miserably at doing what it takes to keep it.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Extremely successful people know that their efforts must continue in order for them to realize new achievements. Once the hunt for a desired object or goal is abandoned, the cycle of success comes to an end.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “The goal has to be more valuable than the risk – or you have determined the wrong target. So.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Weak and overwhelmed individuals respond to others’ success by attacking it.”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Do kids benefit when they see their moms and dads losing or quitting?”
Grant Cardone Quote: “Average assumes – incorrectly, of course – that everything operates stably. People optimistically overestimate how well things will go and then underestimate how much energy and effort it will take just to push things through. Anyone who has made it in business will support this concept.”
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