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H. G. Wells Quotes
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H. G. Wells Quote: “I hope, or I could not live.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Our challenge is not to educate the children we used to have or want to have, but to educate the children who come to the schoolhouse door.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The Athenian democracy suffered much from that narrowness of patriotism which is the ruin of all nations.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Nothing remains interesting where anything may happen.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I do not believe I have any immortality. The greatest evil in the world today is the Christian religion.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The path of social advancement is, and must be, strewn with broken friendships.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The brain upon which my experiences have been written is not a particularly good one. If their were brain-shows, as there are cat and dog shows, I doubt if it would get even a third class prize.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The Social Contract is nothing more or less than a vast conspiracy of human beings to lie to and humbug themselves for the general Good. Lies are the mortar that bind the savage individual man into the social masonry.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The true sweetness of chess, if it can ever be called sweet, is to see a victory snatched, by some happy impertinence, out of the shadows of apparently irrevocable disaster.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Non-violence is the policy of the vegetable kingdom.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “So utterly at variance is Destiny with all the little plans of men.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Every time Europe looks across the Atlantic to see the American Eagle, it observes only the rear end of an ostrich.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “When the mind grapples with a great and intricate problem, it makes its advances step by step, with but little realization of the gains it has made, until suddenly, with an effect of abrupt illumination, it realizes its victory.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Fools make researches and wise men exploit them.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The forceps of our minds are clumsy forceps, and crush the truth a little in taking hold of it.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I see knowledge increasing and human power increasing. I see ever-increasing possibilities before life, And I see no limits set to it at all, Existence impresses me as a perpetual dawn. Our lives, as I apprehend, are great in expectations.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “It’s no use locking the door after the steed is stolen.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “If your life doesn’t end in failure, you haven’t reached high enough. So it was failure I had to achieve.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Cycle trails will abound in Utopia.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “There is no reason whatever to believe that the order of nature has any greater bias in favour of man than it had in favour of the ichthyosaur or the pterodactyl.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “If only I had thought of a Kodak! I could have flashed that glimpse of the Under-world in a second, and examined it at leisure.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The doctrine of the Kingdom of Heaven, which was the main teaching of Jesus, is certainly one of the most revolutionary doctrines that ever stirred and changed human thought.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Anthropology has been compared to a great region, marked out indeed as within the sphere of influence of science, but unsettled and for the most part unsubdued. Like all such hinterland sciences, it is a happy hunting-ground for adventurers.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Let us get together with other people of our sort and make over the world into a great world-civilization that will enable us to realize the promises and avoid the dangers of this new time.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “He began to realize that you cannot even fight happily with creatures that stand upon a different mental basis to yourself.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The most evil institution in the world is the Roman Catholic Church.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Strength is the outcome of need.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Very simple was my explanation, and plausible enough – as most wrong theories are!”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Dragging out life to the last possible second is not living to the best effect. The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat. The best of life, Passworthy, lies nearest to the edge of death.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “There are no social differences – till women come in.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “An invisible man is a man with power.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Find the thing you want to do most intensely, make sure that’s it, and do it with all your might. If you live, well and good. If you die, well and good. Your purpose is done.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I saw a gray-haired man a figure of hale age, sitting at a desk and writing.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I often think we do not take this business of photography in a sufficiently serious spirit. Issuing a photograph is like marriage: you can only undo the mischief with infinite woe...”
H. G. Wells Quote: “In the scientific world I find just that disinterested devotion to great ends that I hope will spread at last through the entire range of human activity.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Few people realise the immensity of vacancy in which the dust of the material universe swims.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “And I have by me, for my comfort, two strange white flowers – shriveled now, and brown and flat and brittle – to witness that even when mind and strength had gone, gratitude and a mutual tenderness still lived on in the heart of men.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Good books are the warehouses of ideas.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The man was running away with the rest, and selling his papers for a shilling each as he ran – a grotesque mingling of profit and panic.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “This is the end and the beginning of an age. This is something far greater than the French Revolution or the Reformation and we live in it.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The German people are an orderly, vain, deeply sentimental and rather insensitive people. They seem to feel at their best when they are singing in chorus, saluting or obeying orders.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Chess is a curse upon a man.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The Anglo-Saxon genius for parliamentary government asserted itself; there was a great deal of talk and no decisive action.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Democracy’s ceremonial, its feast, it’s great function, is the election.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I must confess that my imagination refuses to see any sort of submarine doing anything but suffocating its crew and floundering at sea.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “We were making the future and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The serious people who took him seriously never felt quite sure of his deportment; they were somehow aware that trusting their reputations for judgment with him was like furnishing a nursery with egg-shell china.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The too perfect security of the Upper-worlders had led them to a slow movement of degeneration, a general dwindling in size, strength, and intelligence.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The Jews looked for a special savior, a messiah, who was to redeem mankind by the agreeable process of restoring the fabulous glories of David and Solomon, and bringing the whole world at last under the firm but benevolent Jewish heel.”
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