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H. G. Wells Quotes
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H. G. Wells Quote: “Man had been content to live in ease and delight upon the labours of his fellow-man, had taken Necessity as his watchword and excuse, and in the fullness of time Necessity had come home to him.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The sea was silent, the sky was silent; I was alone with the night and silence.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Is it any wonder that to this day this Galilean is too much for our small hearts?”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I went over the heads of the things a man reckons desirable. No doubt invisibility made it possible to get them, but it made it impossible to enjoy them when they are got.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Science has toiled too long forging weapons for fools to use. It is time she held her hand.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change. Only those animals partake of intelligence that have to meet a huge variety of needs and dangers.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Not to go on all-fours; that is the Law. Are we not Men? “Not to suck up Drink; that is the Law. Are we not Men? “Not to eat Fish or Flesh; that is the Law. Are we not Men? “Not to claw the Bark of Trees; that is the Law. Are we not Men? “Not to chase other Men; that is the Law. Are we not Men?”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I was invisible, and I was only just beginning to realise the extraordinary advantage my invisibility gave me. My head was already teeming with plans of all the wild and wonderful things I had now impunity to do.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Strength is the outcome of need; security sets a premium on feebleness. The work of ameliorating the conditions of life – the true civilizing process that makes life more and more secure – had gone steadily on to a climax... And the harvest was what I saw.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “He was inordinately proud of England and he abused her incessantly.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “This blessed gift of smoking!”
H. G. Wells Quote: “If you do not want to explore an egoism you should not read autobiography.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “By this time I was no longer very much terrified or very miserable. I had, as it were, passed the limit of terror and despair. I felt now that my life was practically lost, and that persuasion made me capable of daring anything.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I grieved to think how brief the dream of the human intellect had been. It had committed suicide.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Surely, if we have learned nothing else, this war has taught us pity – pity for those witless souls that suffer our dominion.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “We will peck them to death to-morrow, my dear.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The rich had been assured of his wealth and comfort, the toiler assured of his life and work. No doubt in that perfect world there had been no unemployed problem, no social question left unsolved. And.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Help me – and I will do great things for you. An invisible man is a man of power.” He.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “He lit the dining-room lamp, got out a cigar, and began pacing the room, ejaculating.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I do not propose to add anything to what has already been written concerning the loss of the “Lady Vain.””
H. G. Wells Quote: “It is only now and then, in a jungle, or amidst the towering white menace of a burnt or burning Australian forest, that Nature strips the moral veils from vegetation and we apprehend its stark ferocity.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Man is the unnatural animal, the rebel child of nature, and more and more does he turn himself against the harsh and fitful hand that reared him.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The uglier a man’s legs are, the better he plays golf – it’s almost a law.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “But you begin now to realise,” said the Invisible Man, “the full disadvantage of my condition. I had no shelter – no covering – to get clothing was to forego all my advantage, to make myself a strange and terrible thing. I was fasting; for to eat, to fill myself with unassimilated matter, would be to become grotesquely visible again.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Everywhere in the world there are ignorance and prejudice, but the greatest complex of these, with the most extensive prestige and the most intimate entanglement with traditional institutions, is the Roman Catholic Church.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “After people have repeated a phrase a great number of times, they begin to realize it has meaning and may even be true.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I could work at a problem for years, but to wait inactive for twenty-four hours – that is another matter.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Men fancied there might be other men upon Mars, perhaps inferior to themselves and ready to welcome a missionary enterprise.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “If the world does not please you, you can change it.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I’ve never really planned my life or set out to live. I happened; things happened to me. It’s so with everyone.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Once the command of the air is obtained by one of the contending armies, the war becomes a conflict between a seeing host and one that is blind.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I am just a human being – solid, needing food and drink, needing covering too – But I’m invisible. You see? Invisible. Simple idea. Invisible.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Under the new conditions of perfect comfort and security, that restless energy, that with us is strength, would become weakness.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “If you are in difficulties with a book, try the element of surprise: attack it at an hour when it isn’t expecting it.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I grieved to think how brief the dream of the human intellect had been. It had committed suicide. It had set itself steadfastly towards comfort and ease, a balanced society with security and permanency as its watchword, it had attained its hopes – to come to this at last.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “You know that great pause that comes upon things before the dusk? Even the breeze stops in the trees. To me there is always an air of expectation about that evening stillness. The sky was clear, remote, and empty save for a few horizontal bars far down in the sunset. Well, that night the expectation took the colour of my fears.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “When she was fifteen if you’d told her that when she was twenty she’d be going to bed with bald-headed men and liking it, she would have thought you very abstract.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “It was not the first time that conscience has turned against the methods of research.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “You see,” I said, “I’m a socialist. I don’t think this world was made for a small minority to dance on the faces of everyone else.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “But the Time Traveller had more than a touch of whim among his elements, and we distrusted him.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “I suppose a suicide who holds a pistol to his skull feels much the same wonder at what will come next as I felt then.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Money means in a thousand minds a thousand subtly different, roughly similar, systems of images, associations, suggestions and impulses.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Our business here is to be Utopian, to make vivid and credible, if we can, first this facet and then that, of an imaginary whole and happy world.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “The red tongues that went licking up my heap of wood were an altogether new and strange thing to Weena.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “My mood, I say, was one of exaltation. I felt as a seeing man might do, with padded feet and noiseless clothes, in a city of the blind. I experienced a wild impulse to jest, to startle people, to clap men on the back, fling people’s hats astray, and generally revel in my extraordinary advantage.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Fine hospitality,” said I, “to a man who has travelled innumerable years to see you.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “This little upset across the water doesn’t mean anything. Threatened men live long and threatened wars never occur.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “And the great difference between man and monkey is in the larynx, he said, in the incapacity to frame delicately different sounding symbols by which thought could be sustained.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “For all my desire to be interesting, I have to confess that for most things and people I don’t give a damn.”
H. G. Wells Quote: “Heresies are experiments in man’s unsatisfied search for truth.”
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