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Top 15 Hamilton Wright Mabie Quotes (2022 Update)

Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “Don’t be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against, not with, the wind.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “The question for each man to settle is not what he would do if he had the means, time, influence and educational advantages, but what he will do with the things he has.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “To have a quiet mind is to possess one’s mind wholly; to have a calm spirit is to possess one’s self.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “Nothing is lost upon a man who is bent upon growth; nothing wasted on one who is always preparing for – life by keeping eyes, mind and heart open to nature, men, books, experience – and what he gathers serves him at unexpected moments in unforeseen ways.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “There is no kind obondage which life lays upon us that may not yield both sweetness and strength; and nothing reveals a man’s character more fully than the spirit in which he bears his limitations.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “A cottage will hold as much happiness as would stock a palace.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “Genius is intensity of life; an overflowing vitality which floods and fertilizes a continent or a hemisphere of being; which makes a nature many-sided and whole, while most men remain partial and fragmentary.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “The test of friendship is its fidelity when every charm of fortune and environment has been spent away, and the bare, undraped character alone remains; if love still holds steadfast, and the joy of companionship survives in such an hour, the fellowship becomes a beautiful prophecy of immortality.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “The mother loves her child most divinely, not when she surrounds him with comfort and anticipates his wants but when she resolutely holds him to the highest standards and is content with nothing less than his best.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “Genius can do much, but even genius falls short of the actuality of a single human life.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “Real freedom comes from the mastery, through knowledge, of historic conditions and race character, which makes possible a free and intelligent use of experience for the purpose of progress.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “The germs of all truth lie in the soul, and when the ripe moment comes, the truth within answers to the fact without as the flower responds to the sun, giving it form for heat and color for light.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “He strains his conversation through a cigar.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “A man can never be idle with safety and advantage until he has been so trained by work that he makes his freedom from times and tasks more fruitful than his toil has been.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “It is better to go down on the great seas which human hearts were made to sail than to rot at the wharves in ignoble anchorage.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “Art involves forgetfulness of immediate ends; complete surrender to the inward impulse to give form to the beautiful idea or image of truth because it is beautiful.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote: “Oh, if I only had a little child, I should like it to be as fair as snow, as rosy as the red blood, and with hair and eyes as black as ebony.”
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