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Hans-Georg Gadamer Quotes

Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “History does not belong to us; we belong to it.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “Nothing exists except through language.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “The essence of the question is the opening up, and keeping open, of possibilities.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “Being that can be understood is language.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “Long before we understand ourselves through the process of self-examination, we understand ourselves in a self-evident way in the family, society and state in which we live.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “The focus of subjectivity is a distorting mirror.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “For both art and the historical sciences are modes of experiencing in which our own understanding of existence comes directly into play.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “It is the tyranny of hidden prejudices that makes us deaf to what speaks to us in tradition.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “I basically only read books that are over 2,000 years old.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “The process of translating comprises in its essence the whole secret of human understanding of the world and of social communication.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “The ambiguity of poetic language answers to the ambiguity of human life as a whole, and therein lies its unique value. All interpretations of poetic language only interpret what the poetry has already interpreted.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “From Gadamer I learned that to understand a given thinker requires one to presuppose that he is right.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “The more language is a living operation, the less we are aware of it. Thus it follows from the self-forgetfulness of language that its real being consists in what is said in it.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “It was clear to me that the forms of consciousness of our inherited and acquired historical education – aesthetic consciousness and historical consciousness – presented alienated forms of our true historical being.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “The real being of language is that into which we are taken up when we hear it – what is said.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “The long history of this idea before Kant made it the basis of his Critique of Judgment shows that the concept of taste was originally more a moral than an aesthetic idea.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “A cultured society that has fallen away from its religious traditions expects more from art than the aesthetic consciousness and the ‘standpoint of art’ can deliver. The Romantic desire for a new mythology... gives the artist and his task in the world the consciousness of a new consecration. He is something like a ‘secular saviour’ for his creations are expected to achieve on a small scale the propitiation of disaster for which an unsaved world hopes.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “All cities we have visited are precincts in this metropolis of the mind.”
Hans-Georg Gadamer Quote: “The structure of play absorbs the player into itself, and thus frees him from the burden of taking the initiative, which constitutes the actual strain of existence.”
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