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Harry Browne Quote: “Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything.”

Harry Browne Quote: “When paper money systems begin to crack at the seams, the run to gold could be explosive.”

Harry Browne Quote: “The Bill of Rights isn’t some legalistic fine print. It was written to make our lives freer, more prosperous, and happier. By forsaking it, America has become no better than any other country in the world.”

Harry Browne Quote: “Freedom and responsibility aren’t interconnected things. They are the same thing.”

Harry Browne Quote: “The government is good at one thing. It knows how to break your legs, and then hand you a crutch and say, “See if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk”.”

Harry Browne Quote: “When you know that you’re capable of dealing with whatever comes, you have the only security the world has to offer.”

Harry Browne Quote: “I want a government small enough to fit inside the Constitution.”

Harry Browne Quote: “A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realized that no one owes me anything.”

Harry Browne Quote: “The marketplace is a wondrous institution. It harnesses the self-interest of each of us and puts it to work for the benefit of all. And it does so without intruding upon our desires, our privacy, or our freedom. It is regulation by reality, not by coercion.”

Harry Browne Quote: “Everyone will experience the consequences of his own acts. If his acts are right, he’ll get good consequences; if they’re not, he’ll suffer for it.”

Harry Browne Quote: “No one ever died from smoking marijuana, but millions of people have died by believing politicians.”

Harry Browne Quote: “Not only can no one predict the future, we don’t understand the present – and there isn’t even any certainty about the past.”

Harry Browne Quote: “You have only one life, and no one else will live it for you. Shouldn’t you take the time right now to figure out what that life is all about?”

Harry Browne Quote: “Most politicians believe in just one thing – winning elections. They’ll say anything to get in office and stay there.”

Harry Browne Quote: “The best kept secret in the investing world: Almost nothing turns out as expected.”

Harry Browne Quote: “Government is force, pure and simple. There’s no way to sugar-coat that. And because government is force, it will attract the worst elements of society – people who want to use government to avoid having to earn their living and to avoid having to persuade others to accept their ideas voluntarily.”

Harry Browne Quote: “A fair trial is one in which the rules of evidence are honored, the accused has competent counsel, and the judge enforces the proper courtroom procedures – a trial in which every assumption can be challenged.”

Harry Browne Quote: “You don’t have to buy from anyone. You don’t have to work at any particular job. You don’t have to participate in any given relationship. You can choose.”

Harry Browne Quote: “In almost all matters, the real question should be: why are we letting government handle this?”

Harry Browne Quote: “The coercive power of government is always a beacon to those who want to dominate others – summoning the worst dregs of society to Washington to use that power to impose their will upon others.”

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