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Henry James Quotes
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Henry James Quote: “If Quint – on your remonstrance at the time you speak of – was a base menial, one of the things Miles said to you, I find myself guessing, was that you were another.”
Henry James Quote: “However British you may be, I am more British still.”
Henry James Quote: “What saved me, as I now see, was that it turned to something else altogether. It didn’t last as suspense – it was superseded by horrible proofs.”
Henry James Quote: “To kill a human being is, after all, the least injury you can do him.”
Henry James Quote: “Criticism talks a good deal of nonsense, but even its nonsense is a useful force. It keeps the question of art before the world, insists upon its importance.”
Henry James Quote: “I had not gone to bed; I sat reading by a couple of candles. There was a roomful of old books at Bly – last-century fiction, some of it, which, to the extent of a distinctly deprecated renown, but never to so much as that of a stray specimen, had reached the sequestered home and appealed to the unavowed curiosity of my youth.”
Henry James Quote: “But I was to be later on so much more overwhelmed that this mere dawn of alarm was a comparatively human chill.”
Henry James Quote: “There is no generosity without sacrifice.”
Henry James Quote: “The artist is present in every page of every book from which he sought so assiduously to eliminate himself.”
Henry James Quote: “In museums and palaces we are alternate radicals and conservatives.”
Henry James Quote: “You’re a very nice girl, but I wish you’d flirt with me, and me only.”
Henry James Quote: “One is oneself a fine consequence.”
Henry James Quote: “She had an unequalled gift, usually pen in hand, of squeezing big mistakes into opportunities.”
Henry James Quote: “She hadn’t given up yet, and the broken sentence, if she was the last word, would end with a sort of meaning.”
Henry James Quote: “There are no themes so human as those that reflect the closeness of bliss to bale.”
Henry James Quote: “May Bartram smiled. “I don’t pretend it exactly shows that I’m not living for you. It’s my intimacy with you that’s in question.” He laughed as he saw what she meant. “Yes, but since, as you say, I’m only, so far as people make out, ordinary, you’re – aren’t you? no more than ordinary either. You help me to pass for a man like another. So if I am, as I understand you, you’re not compromised. Is that it?”
Henry James Quote: “Which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?”
Henry James Quote: “His full parenthesis was closed, and he was once more but a sentence, of a sort, in the general text, the text that, from his momentary street-corner, showed as a great grey page of print that somehow managed to be crowded without being ‘fine’.”
Henry James Quote: “From five o’clock to eight is on certain occasions a little eternity; but on such an occasion as this the interval could be only an eternity of pleasure.”
Henry James Quote: “Every governmental institution has been a standing testimony to the harmonic destiny of society, a standing proof that the life of man is destined for peace and amity, instead of disorder and contention.”
Henry James Quote: “Whether or no being hopelessly vulgar is being ‘bad’ is a question for the metaphysicians.”
Henry James Quote: “The more you know the more unhappy you are.”
Henry James Quote: “Apologies, Mrs. Touchett intimated, were of no more use to her than bubbles, and she herself never dealt in such articles. One either did the thing or one didn’t, and what one “would” have done belonged to the sphere of the irrelevant, like the idea of a future life or of the origin of things.”
Henry James Quote: “What is character but the determination of incident?”
Henry James Quote: “There were always people to snatch at you, and it would never occur to them that they were eating you up. They did that without tasting.”
Henry James Quote: “It may be, of course, above all, that what suddenly broke into this gives the previous time a charm of stillness – that hush in which something gathers or crouches. The change was actually like the spring of a beast.”
Henry James Quote: “Living as he now lived was like reading a good book in a poor translation – a meagre entertainment for a young man who felt that he might have been an excellent linguist. He.”
Henry James Quote: “Poor Catherine’s dignity was not aggressive; it never sat in state; but if you pushed far enough you could find it. Her father had pushed very far.”
Henry James Quote: “If you look for grand examples of anything from me, I shall disappoint you.”
Henry James Quote: “Art is long. If we work for ourselves of course we must hurry. If we work for her we must often pause.”
Henry James Quote: “I never was what I should be.”
Henry James Quote: “She had a new feeling, the feeling of danger; on which a new remedy rose to meet it, the idea of an inner self or, in other words, of concealment.”
Henry James Quote: “She had always observed that she got on better with clever women than silly ones like herself; the silly ones could never understand her wisdom; whereas the clever ones – the really clever ones – always understood her silliness.”
Henry James Quote: “Things are always different from what they might be.”
Henry James Quote: “Wasn’t history full of the destruction of precious things?”
Henry James Quote: “The women one meets – what are they but books one has already read? You’re a library of the unknown, the uncut. Upon my word I’ve a subscription.”
Henry James Quote: “I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of an artistic process.”
Henry James Quote: “There are two kinds of taste in the appreciation of imaginative literature: the taste for emotions of surprise and the taste for emotions of recognition.”
Henry James Quote: “He was holding his breath so as not to inhale the odor of democracy.”
Henry James Quote: “She found herself, for the first moment, looking at the mysterious portrait through tears. Perhaps it was her tears that made it just then so strange and fair... the face of a young woman, all splendidly drawn, down to the hands, and splendidly dressed... And she was dead, dead, dead.”
Henry James Quote: “If one is strong, one loves the more strongly.”
Henry James Quote: “Love has nothing to do with good reasons.”
Henry James Quote: “Why should a set of people have been put in motion, on such a scale and with such an air of being equipped for a profitable journey, only to break down without an accident, to stretch themselves in the wayside dust without a reason?”
Henry James Quote: “We trust to novels to train us in the practice of great indignations and great generosity.”
Henry James Quote: “Fanny Assingham had at this moment the sense as of a large heaped dish presented to her intelligence and inviting it to a feast – so thick were the notes of intention in this remarkable speech.”
Henry James Quote: “Before me and beside me sat a row of the comeliest young men, clad in black gowns and wearing on their shoulders long hoods trimmed in white fur. Who and what they were I know not, for I preferred not to learn, lest by chance they should not be so mediaeval as they looked.”
Henry James Quote: “It was not that I didn’t wait, on this occasion, for more, for I was rooted as deeply as I was shaken. Was there a “secret” at Bly – a mystery of Udolpho or an insane, an unmentionable relative kept in unsuspected confinement?”
Henry James Quote: “I reflected acutely that the sense of such differences, such superiorities of quality, always, on the part of the majority – which could include even stupid, sordid headmasters – turn infallibly to the vindictive.”
Henry James Quote: “The chance had come – it was an extraordinary one – on the day she first met Densher; and it was to the girl’s lasting honour that she knew on the spot what she was in the presence of.”
Henry James Quote: “One might enumerate the items of high civilization, as it exists in other countries, which are absent from the texture of American life, until it should become a wonder to know what was left.”
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