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Top 100 Henry van Dyke Quotes (2023 Update)

Henry van Dyke Quote: “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “If only the best birds sang, the forest would be silent.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Hours fly, Flowers die: New days, New ways: Pass by! Love stays.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Those who would see wonderful things must often be ready to travel alone.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Some people are so afraid do die that they never begin to live.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “I shall grow old, but never lose life’s zest, because the road’s last turn will be the best.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Four things a man must learn to do If he would make his record true; To think without confusion clearly; To love his fellowmen sincerely; To act from honest motives purely; To trust in God and Heav’n securely.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Love is not getting, but giving; It is goodness, and honor, and peace and pure living.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Every house where love abides And friendship is a guest, Is surely home, and home sweet home For there the heart can rest.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Faith is an adventure; it is the courage of the soul to face the unknown. But that courage springs from the hope and confidence of the soul that its adventure will succeed.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Life is an arrow, therefore you must know What mark to aim at, how to use the bow – Then draw it to the head and let it go!”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “There is a better thing than the observance of Christmas day, and that is, keeping Christmas.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Love is the best thing in the world, and the thing that lives the longest.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Who seeks for heaven alone to save his soul, May keep the path, but will not reach the goal; While he who walks in love may wander far, Yet God will bring him where the blessed are.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “A friend is what the heart needs all the time.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “What is Fortune, what is Fame? Futile gold and phantom name- Riches buried in a cave, Glory written on a grave.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “What you possess in the world will be found at the day of your death to belong to someone else. But what you are will be yours forever.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Gratitude is a two fold love – love coming to visit us, and love running out to greet a welcome guest.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Look around for a place to sow a few seeds.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “There are many kinds of love, as many kinds of light, And every kind of love makes a glory in the night. There is love that stirs the heart, and love that gives it rest, But the love that leads life upward is the noblest and the best.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Be grateful for the tiny details of your life and make room for unexpected and beautiful blessings.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Love is not about getting – but giving.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “You can never begin to live until you dare to die.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “It is better to burn the candle at both ends, and in the middle, too, than to put it away in the closet and let the mice eat it.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Not to the swift, the race: Not to the strong, the fight: Not to the righteous, perfect grace: Not to the wise, the light. But often faltering feet Come surest to the goal; And they who walk in darkness meet The sunrise of the soul.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Love is the heart s immortal thirst to be completely known and all forgiven.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Let me but find it in my heart to say, When vagrant wishes beckon me astray, “This is my work; my blessing, not my doom; Of all who live, I am the one by whom This work can best be done in the right way.””
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Courage is the standing army of the soul which keeps it from conquest, pillage, and slavery.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “In the progress of personality, first comes a declaration of independence, then a recognition of interdependence.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Happiness is inward, and not outward; and so, it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Jazz: Music invented for the torture of imbeciles.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Even if we should find another Eden, we would not be fit to enjoy it perfectly nor stay in it forever.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “What do I owe my father? Everything!”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Oh, London is a man’s town, there’s power in the air; And Paris is a woman’s town, with flowers in her hair; And it’s sweet to dream in Venice, and it’s great to study Rome; But when it comes to living, there is no place like home.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “The birth of Jesus is the sunrise in the Bible.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Natural beauty and wonder are priceless heirlooms which God has bestowed upon our nation. How shall we escape the contempt of the coming generation if we suffer this irreplaceable heritage to be wasted?”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Oh, it’s home again and home again, America for me! I want a ship that’s westward bound to plough the rolling sea To the blessed land of Room Enough beyond the ocean bars, Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “We measure success by accumulation. The measure is false. The true measure is appreciation. He who loves most has most.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “The strength of your life is measured by the strength of your will.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “One truly affectionate soul in a family will evert a sweetening and harmonizing influence upon all its members.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “It is better to follow even the shadow of the best, than to remain content with the worst.”
Henry van Dyke Quote: “Never believe anything bad about anybody unless you positively know it to be true; never tell even that unless you feel that it is absolutely necessary – and remember that God is listening while you tell it.”
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