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Top 500 Hillary Clinton Quotes (2023 Update)
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Hillary Clinton Quote: “I’m one of those people who thinks that changing one’s hair is the only part of the body that you can change at will.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I trust voters. Voters decide on whatever basis they think is important to them. I just want them to have a full range of information to make that decision.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “The United States strongly condemns the illegal disclosure of classified information. It puts people’s lives in danger, threatens our national security, and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I don’t believe that people vote for President based on spouses. I don’t even think they vote much based on vice presidents or any other factor. I think they choose between the two people who are running.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “It is often the case that laws must change before fears about change dissipate.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I always run inclusive and successful organisations.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Lifting whole passages from someone else’s speeches is not change you can believe in. It’s change you can Xerox.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “My mother and grandmothers could never have lived my life; my father and my grandfathers could never have imagined it. But they bestowed on me the promise of America, which made my life and my choices possible.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “One of the things I have been preaching around the world is collecting taxes in an equitable manner, especially from the elites.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I want to teach. I want to speak. I want to travel.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material. I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I think again we’re way out of balance. We’ve got to rein in what has become almost an article of faith that almost anybody can have a gun anywhere at any time. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I used to sit on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue and wonder why the Senate was always going into recess, until in my first year I realized how intense the pressure was.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I think we’ve got to understand the complexity of the world that we are facing and no place is more so than in the Middle East.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Heavens, no! It could get subpoenaed. I can’t write anything. When asked if she had a diary.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “It is absolutely clear to me that we have to keep the internet open.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I don’t have any comment on who the people of Russia choose to be their leaders.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “The Russians and the Chinese have been absolutely clear they don’t want to see Iran with a nuclear weapon.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Democracies have to be careful that they do not become so process-driven.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Acting alone, minorities can never achieve the majorities necessary for political change.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I have the experience we need to make the changes we want and I think that’s a winning case.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “If Planned Parenthood and Human Rights Campaign were part of the establishment, that would be time for all of us to just quit having to work so hard and defend it and fight for it.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I believe that you have to withstand whatever problems come your way. You have to make the decisions that are best for you.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I grew up in a middle-class family in the middle of America in the middle of the last century.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Costs are incurred whenever any group is treated as lesser or the other, whether they are women, racial, or religious minorities, or the LGBT.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “We are at a stage in history in which remolding society is one of the great challenges facing all of us in the West.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I have absolutely no interest in running for president again. None. None. I mean, I know that’s hard for some people to believe, but, you know, I just don’t.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “ISIL videos, ISIL training videos are telling lone wolves the easiest way to cut by a combat assault weapon in America is at a gun show, because of the flip-flopping political approach of Washington.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I certainly don’t read coverage of me, I read what else is going on that I need to know about to do my job.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I feel like I have had the most amazing life in my public service.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I also believe that we have an extraordinary opportunity for the United States and European Union to lead the world in developing and implementing new and more efficient technologies – smart electrical grids and electrical vehicles.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “We need a wide variety of ways for voters to get a good look at our candidates.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “The last time I actually drove a car myself was 1996.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Every president, if you watch what they look like when they come into office, you can see their hair turn white because it’s such a hard job.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “The most important thing that each of us can do is to try even harder to see the world through our neighbor’s eyes.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I have not supported same-sex marriage. I have supported civil partnerships and contractual relationships.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I won the youth vote in Massachusetts and in California. I did very well with it in Ohio.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “As a Christian, part of my obligation is to alleviate suffering. Explicit recognition of that in the Methodist tradition is one reason I’m comfortable in this church.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “If you LIKE your email provider, you can KEEP your email provider. Period.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I’m not running my campaign for the press. I’m running it for voters. I totally respect the press and what the press has to do.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I have gone from a Barry Goldwater Republican to a New Democrat, but I think my underlying values have remained pretty constant; individual responsibility and community. I do not see those as being mutually inconsistent.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I’ve been really at the highest levels of American political life.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Sometimes overturning brutal regimes takes time and costs lives. I wish it weren’t so. I really, really do.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I have absolutely no interest in running for president again.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I try to read for pleasure whenever I can – it’s a great way just to shut it off for a while so your brain doesn’t get fried.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “There is no formula that I’m aware of for being a successful or fulfilled woman today.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Listening to what people in other countries are saying and trying to understand how they perceive their place in the world is essential to a future of peace and security at home and abroad.”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “Does it make any sense at all that the chair of a national party would want fewer voters to see our candidates?”
Hillary Clinton Quote: “I’m not running for some Americans but for all Americans.”
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