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Horace Mann Quote: “The most important ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with other people.”
Horace Mann Quote: “The most precious wine is produced upon the sides of volcanoes. Now bold and inspiring ideals are only born of a clear head that stands over a glowing heart.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Love – that divine fire which was made to light and warm the temple of home – sometimes burns at unholy altars.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Generosity during life is a very different thing from generosity in the hour of death; one proceeds from genuine liberality and benevolence, the other from pride or fear.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Willmott has very tersely said that embellished truths are the illuminated alphabet of larger children.”
Horace Mann Quote: “In dress, seek the middle between foppery and shabbiness.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Man is improvable. Some people think he is only a machine, and that the only difference between a man and a mill is, that one is carried by blood and the other by water.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Just in proportion as a man becomes good, divine, Christ-like, he passes out of the region of theorizing, of system-building, and hireling service, into the region of beneficent activities. It is well to think well. It is divine to act well.”
Horace Mann Quote: “But let a man know that there are things to be known, of which he is ignorant, and it is so much carved out of his domain of universal knowledge.”
Horace Mann Quote: “We conceive of immortality as having a beginning, but no end; but we conceive of eternity as having neither beginning nor end. Hence it is proper to speak of eternity as the attribute of God, but of immortality as the attribute of man.”
Horace Mann Quote: “The earth endured Christ’s ministry only three years; – not three weeks after his real character and purposes were generally known.”
Horace Mann Quote: “True glory is a flame lighted at the skies.”
Horace Mann Quote: “A republican form of government, without intelligence in the people, must be, on a vast scale, what a mad-house, without superintendent or keepers, would be on a small one.”
Horace Mann Quote: “You may be liberal in your praise where praise is due: it costs nothing; it encourages much.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Above all, let the poor hang up the amulet of temperance in their homes.”
Horace Mann Quote: “We put things in order – God does the rest. Lay an iron bar east and west, it is not magnetized. Lay it north and south and it is.”
Horace Mann Quote: “If evil is inevitable, how are the wicked accountable? Nay, why do we call men wicked at all? Evil is inevitable, but is also remediable.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Manners easily and rapidly mature into morals.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Spurn not at seeming error, but dig below its surface for the truth; And beware of seeming truths that grow on the roots of error.”
Horace Mann Quote: “The object of punishment is prevention from evil; it can never be made impulsive to good.”
Horace Mann Quote: “There may be frugality which is not economy. A community, that withholds the means of education from its children, withholds the bread of life and starves their souls.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Time is a seedfield; in youth we sow it with causes; in after life we reap the harvest of effects.”
Horace Mann Quote: “The education already given to the people creates the necessity of giving them more.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Genius may conceive but patient labor must consummate.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Much that we call evil is really good in disguises; and we should not quarrel rashly with adversities not yet understood, nor overlook the mercies often bound up in them.”
Horace Mann Quote: “As all truth is from God, it necessarily follows that true science and true religion can never be at variance.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Great books are written for Christianity much oftener than great deeds are done for it. City libraries tell us of the reign of Jesus Christ but city streets tell us of the reign of Satan.”
Horace Mann Quote: “The false man is more false to himself than to any one else. He may despoil others, but himself is the chief loser. The world’s scorn he might sometimes forget, but the knowledge of his own perfidy is undying.”
Horace Mann Quote: “New constellations of truth are daily discovered in the firmament of knowledge, and new stars are daily shining forth in each constellation.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Want of occupation is the bane of both men and women, perhaps more especially of the latter.”
Horace Mann Quote: “A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them with books, if he has the means to buy them. It is a wrong to his family. He cheats them! Children learn to read by being in the presence of books. The love of knowledge comes with reading and grows upon it.”
Horace Mann Quote: “One thing I certainly never was made for, and that is to put principles on and off at the dictation of a party, as a lackey changes his livery at his master’s command.”
Horace Mann Quote: “When will society, like a mother, take care of all her children?”
Horace Mann Quote: “Be careful never to retire to rest in a room not properly ventilated.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Common sense is better than genius, and hence its bestowment is more universal.”
Horace Mann Quote: “God draweth straight lines but we call them crooked.”
Horace Mann Quote: “A teacher should, above all things, first induce a desire in the pupil for the acquisition he wishes to impart.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Love must be the same in all worlds.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Thank Heaven, the female heart is untenantable by atheism.”
Horace Mann Quote: “The pulpit only “teaches” to be honest; the market-place “trains” to overreaching and fraud; and teaching has not a tithe of the efficiency of training. Christ never wrote a tract, but He went about doing good.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Great knowledge is requisite to instruct those who have been well instructed, but still greater knowledge is requisite to instruct those who have been neglected.”
Horace Mann Quote: “There is a deeper pleasure in following truth to the scaffold or the cross, than in joining the multitudinous retinue, and mingling our shouts with theirs, when victorious error celebrates its triumphs.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Knowledge is but an instrument, which the profligate and the flagitious may use as well as the brave and the just.”
Horace Mann Quote: “Even the choicest literature should be taken as the condiment, and not as the sustenance of life. It should be neither the warp nor the woof of existence, but only the flowery edging upon its borders.”
Horace Mann Quote: “If you wish to write well, study the life about you, – life in the public streets.”
Horace Mann Quote: “When you introduce into our schools a spirit of emulation, you have present the keenest spur admissible to the youthful intellect.”
Horace Mann Quote: “There is nothing derogatory in any employment which ministers to the well-being of the race. It is the spirit that is carried into an employment that elevates or degrades it.”
Horace Mann Quote: “There is not a good work which the hand of man has ever undertaken, which his heart has ever conceived, which does not require a good education for its helper.”
Horace Mann Quote: “The earth flourishes, or is overrun with noxious weeds and brambles, as we apply or withhold the cultivating hand. So fares it with the intellectual system of man.”
Horace Mann Quote: “The most ignorant are the most conceited.”
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