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Ibn Warraq Quotes

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Ibn Warraq Quote: “Of course slavery and the Muslims were deeply implicated in the slave trade, Islam was an Imperialist religion which destroyed Christianity in the Near East, yet nobody mentions those facts.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: this triptych succinctly defines the attractiveness and superiority of Western civilization.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “I wish more people would belabor the obvious, and more often.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “Monotheism is in its turn doomed to subtract one more God and become atheism.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “We cannot hope to win the ideological battle against Islam without criticism of Islam, it is essential that we continue to criticize Islam.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “The West has given us the liberal miracle of individual rights, individual responsibility, merit, and human satisfaction.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “While many Islamic countries pay lip service to the idea of freedom of religion, they don’t put up with conversion from Islam to another religion.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “In Saudi Arabia, among other countries, Muslims are not free to convert to Christianity, and Christians are not free to practice their faith. The Koran is not a rights-respecting document.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “You can’t grow up without taking a few knocks on the way. All parents know that, but children when they’re growing up, they take some knocks, and nasty knocks sometimes if they’ve been too protected.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “Slavery had very little to do with the economic success of the West. Just look at the facts and figures and how much slavery actually contributed to development.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “I think forgiveness plays a very important part in Western society and it comes from the Judeo Christian heritage.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “Muslims have not ever been told to examine their faith in a critical way, so the shock is going to be even greater for them, as it is for any child who lives in an over-protected environment, who suddenly has to go out and earn a living and has to stand up on his own feet.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “By working and living in New York, you are breathing Western civilization, continuously reminded of its benefits and its values.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “All religions are sick men’s dreams, false – demonstrably false – and pernicious.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “Abolitionism did not find positive response in Africa as it did in Western societies and cultures.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “The idea that the West was economically successful because of slavery, it’s just nonsense.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “Because of its exceptional capacity for self-criticism, the West took the initiative in abolishing slavery; the calls for abolition did not resonate even in black Africa, where rival African tribes took black prisoners to be sold as slaves in the West.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “In the West we are free to think what we want, to read what we want, to practice our religion, to live as we choose. Liberty is codified in human rights, a magnificent Western creation but also, I believe, a universal good.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “Not only is the West so successful economically, but it leads the world scientifically, and culturally.”

Ibn Warraq Quote: “Surprisingly one of the forces for secularisation was Christianity itself. As soon as it accepted the idea of a contrary opinion, the moment that European opinion decided for toleration, it decided for eventual free marketing opinion.”

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