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Top 500 Jack Kerouac Quotes (2023 Update)
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Jack Kerouac Quote: “A pain stabbed my heart as it did every time I saw a girl I loved who was going the opposite direction in this too-big world.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Something great is about to happen to me: I’m about to love somebody very much.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “It all ends in tears anyway.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Pain or love or danger makes you real again...”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Are we fallen angels who didn’t want to believe that nothing is nothing and so were born to lose our loved ones and dear friends one by one and finally our own life, to see it proved?”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “It’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “What’s your road, man? – holyboy road, madman road, rainbow road, guppy road, any road. It’s an anywhere road for anybody anyhow. Where body how?”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Boys and girls in America have such a sad time together; sophistication demands that they submit to sex immediately without proper preliminary talk. Not courting talk – real straight talk about souls, for life is holy and every moment is precious.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Don’t touch me, I’m full of snakes.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Life must be rich and full of loving – it’s no good otherwise, no good at all, for anyone.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “We agreed to love each other madly.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Pretty girls make graves.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “You are the equal of the idol who has given you your inspiration.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I hope it is true that a man can die and yet not only live in others but give them life, and not only life, but that great consciousness of life.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “It no longer makes me cry and die and tear myself to see her go because everything goes away from me like that now – girls, visions, anything, just in the same way and forever and I accept lostness forever.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Better to sleep in an uncomfortable bed free, than sleep in a comfortable bed unfree.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I have fallen in love with you, God. Take care of us all, one way or the other.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I was halfway across America, at the dividing line between the East of my youth and the West of my future.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I don’t wanta hear all your word descriptions of words words words you made up all winter, man I wanta be enlightened by actions.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Nothing ever happened – Not even this.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Man, wow, there’s so many things to do, so many things to write! How to even begin to get it all down and without modified restraints and all hung-up on like literary inhibitions and grammatical fears...”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “If you tell a true story, you can’t be wrong.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “My whole wretched life swam before my weary eyes, and I realized no matter what you do it’s bound to be a waste of time in the end so you might as well go mad.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I’d sleep and forget it; I had my own life, my own sad and ragged life forever.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I’m writing this book because we’re all going to die.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Write in recollection and amazement for yourself.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “My life is a vast inconsequential epic.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “There are worse things than being mad.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “And I will die, and you will die, and we all will die, and even the stars will fade out one after another in time.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Who knows, my God, but that the universe is not one vast sea of compassion actually, the veritable holy honey, beneath all this show of personality and cruelty?”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Don’t tell them too much about your soul. They’re waiting for just that.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “They were like the man with the dungeon stone and gloom, rising from the underground, the sordid hipsters of America, a new beat generation that I was slowly joining.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “You seek identity in the midst of indistinguishab le chaos, in sprawling nameless reality.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “At night in this part of the West the stars, as I had seen them in Wyoming, were as big as Roman Candles and as lonely as the Prince who’s lost his ancestral home and journeys across the spaces trying to find it again, and knows he never will.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “We tiptoed around each other like heartbreaking new friends.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “For the first time in my life the weather was not something that touched me, that caressed me, froze or sweated me, but became me.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I didn’t know what to say. I felt like crying, Goddammit everybody in the world wants an explanation for your acts and for your very being.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Why did I allow myself to be bored ever in the past and to compensate for it got high or drunk or rages or all the tricks people have because they want anything but serene understanding of just what there is, which is after all so much.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Cats yawn because they realize that there’s nothing to do.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “We lay on our backs looking at the ceiling and wondering what God had wrought when he made life so sad and disinclined.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Some of my most neurotically fierce bitterness is the result of realizing how untrue people have become.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I’m going to marry my novels and have little short stories for children.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Never mistake talking about writing for actual writing.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “Sweet life continues in the breeze, in the golden fields.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “The taste of rain – Why kneel?”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “The whole mad swirl of everything that was to come began then.”
Jack Kerouac Quote: “I’m right there, swimming the river of hardships but I know how to swim...”
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