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Top 140 Jack White Quotes (2023 Update)

Jack White Quote: “The Eagle does not escape the storm. The Eagle simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It spreads its mighty wings and rises on the winds that bring the storm.”
Jack White Quote: “Well, I sort of don’t trust anybody who doesn’t like Led Zeppelin.”
Jack White Quote: “The secret is planning your work and working your plan. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you arrive? You can’t stumble upon your destination.”
Jack White Quote: “Failure comes when we don’t get back up and try again.”
Jack White Quote: “Deadlines and things make you creative.”
Jack White Quote: “When I say nothing, I say everything.”
Jack White Quote: “Happiness is more important than money any day.”
Jack White Quote: “Telling yourself you have all the time in the world, all the colors in the palette, that just kills creativity.”
Jack White Quote: “I trust no one who hasn’t time for music.”
Jack White Quote: “Selling is nothing more than asking questions and waiting for an answer.”
Jack White Quote: “The bottom line is we must get off our duff and make an effort to succeed. Trust me on this, when you see someone successful in any of the arts they have been willing to make an extra effort.”
Jack White Quote: “I’m one of those people that you have to keep your eye on or I’ll wander off into the woods and forget to come back.”
Jack White Quote: “Success is having a career that you love with every fiber in your body.”
Jack White Quote: “Mastery is the rudder, Mystery is the sail and Magic the wind to move you in your chosen direction.”
Jack White Quote: “I really don’t like to take the easy way out, if I can help it, on anything I do, I like to really make it a challenge. I don’t know how to create by taking the easy routes. I’ve tried, you know, I’ve tried to let myself, but I always struggle to compensate.”
Jack White Quote: “Life is simple unless we find a way to make it complicated.”
Jack White Quote: “Passion, for me, is like a shark – it never stops moving.”
Jack White Quote: “I’ve always worked to find really deep meaning of song and also at the same time having it covered in sugar, so it can be taken two or three different ways.”
Jack White Quote: “Some people consider the way Shakespeare was writing about Ophelia as erotomania-that she was delusional in thinking that Hamlet was in love with her. But I don’t think so.”
Jack White Quote: “This generation is so dead. You ask a kid, ‘What are you doing this Saturday?’ and they’ll be playing video games or watching cable, instead of building model cars or airplanes or doing something creative. Kids today never say, ‘Man, I’m really into remote-controlled steamboats.’”
Jack White Quote: “Promotion and perception are synonymous twins of art marketing.”
Jack White Quote: “Many days you will want to give up because of rejections and failures. Passion to be an artist will help you prevail where others fail.”
Jack White Quote: “Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?”
Jack White Quote: “Do not trust people who call themselves musicians or record collectors who say that they don’t like Bob Dylan or the Beatles. They do not love music if those words come out of their mouths.”
Jack White Quote: “I have so much music inside me I’m just trying to stay afloat. I don’t tend to write for a particular band – you have to just write the songs and then let God into the room and let the music tell you what to do.”
Jack White Quote: “Inspiration and work ethic – they ride right next to each other.”
Jack White Quote: “Any man with a microphone can tell you what he loves the most.”
Jack White Quote: “I gave myself over to music and art a long time ago, so I don’t get to relax and I don’t get to sit still. The best I can do is constantly create my own environment so it benefits what I need to accomplish in the next step.”
Jack White Quote: “Inspiration and creativity, they ride right next to one anotherNot everyday are you going to wake up, the clouds are gonna part and the rays are gonna come downsometimes you gotta just get in there and force yourself to work and maybe something good will come out of it.”
Jack White Quote: “You can’t do better than that.”
Jack White Quote: “Every time there’s a list of the 100 greatest records of all time, all those albums were recorded in two days. Hardly any of them took a year, I’ll tell you. In this day and age, I think it’s important that people know that.”
Jack White Quote: “If what you are doing is working, DON’T change just to be different. Just get better.”
Jack White Quote: “Can there be enough books to answer all your questions?”
Jack White Quote: “The Bottom Line: If people don’t LOVE our work, we will not be able to sell what we make.”
Jack White Quote: “It is not the style but the quality and emotional impact of work that makes it marketable. Unless we make art that connects with people, we won’t sell much, no matter what the style or subject.”
Jack White Quote: “Our art is an adventure. It is a dream come true.”
Jack White Quote: “It seemed like there was no control over it. I think certain things just popped. God was blessing us in telling us that certain things were going the way they were supposed to go.”
Jack White Quote: “I love the way art moves people emotionally. I love the fact that when someone purchases art it is the one thing that will last for generations.”
Jack White Quote: “That’s what happens nowadays with people working on computers. They can so easily fix things with their mouse and take out all the, ‘Oh, somebody coughed in the background; we need to take that out’ – or somebody hit a bad note. Those are all the best moments.”
Jack White Quote: “Art is only worth what people will pay for it. Artists do not get paid by the hour.”
Jack White Quote: “People talk about wanting amenities – downtown is the amenity.”
Jack White Quote: “Vinyl is the real deal. I’ve always felt like, until you buy the vinyl record, you don’t really own the album. And it’s not just me or a little pet thing or some kind of retro romantic thing from the past. It is still alive.”
Jack White Quote: “I’ve always been making up my own restrictions for myself, from day one, and it’s compelling, because it forces me to think. That’s always been a driving force for me.”
Jack White Quote: “There have been three times. Once I got in a car accident and shattered my finger. A few years ago I didn’t feel like being alive. That’s all I can say.”
Jack White Quote: “Passion is the breath we take, the water we drink to sustain ourselves. Without air and water we perish; without passion an artist will wither and blow away.”
Jack White Quote: “I love the Arctic Monkeys. Who doesn’t? I’d love to see them live, but haven’t got round to it yet. I never get to see bands because I’m never in the same town for more than two seconds.”
Jack White Quote: “Maybe we should all just listen to records and quit our jobs.”
Jack White Quote: “There’s Catholic guilt about things, then there’s the guilt of being the youngest of 10, so when nice things happen to you, you’re not really allowed to enjoy them.”
Jack White Quote: “I have three dads: my biological father, God and Bob Dylan.”
Jack White Quote: “The price we sell things for is not important. What is important is we sell art that has to be replaced. You become good in art by doing art. The more you sell, the more you must produce.”
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