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James Altucher Quote: “Happiness is just a positive perception from our brain. Some days, you will be unhappy. Our brain is a tool we use. It’s not who we are.”
James Altucher Quote: “It’s very important to enjoy what you’re doing or else you are always going to procrastinate.”
James Altucher Quote: “Help is a conversation. If one side talks too much, the other side will get bored. So make sure you help back when you can.”
James Altucher Quote: “Wake up early. Avoid distractions. Work three to five hours a day and then enjoy the rest of the day. Be as perfectionist as you can, knowing that imperfection will still rule. Have the confidence to be magical and stretch the boundaries of your medium. Combine the tools of the medium itself with the message you want to convey. Don’t get stuck in the same rut – move forward, experiment, but with the confidence built up over experience. Change the rules but learn them first.”
James Altucher Quote: “Only worry about your own happiness, which doesn’t have to be limited by anyone else’s stupidity unless you allow it to be.”
James Altucher Quote: “Replace a complaint thought with one of gratitude or compassion.”
James Altucher Quote: “Don’t sweat it if you are stuck in the corporate job right now. But begin to plan ahead. I know from much personal experience that it takes 1-3 years to transition from total scratch to making a living from home in any career you want.”
James Altucher Quote: “When we die our entire legacy is simply the added together strengths of all the connections we make with others. This is the ghost of ourselves we leave behind. This is showing up.”
James Altucher Quote: “I’m a big believer in minimalism. Not materialist minimalism, although that’s part of it, but time and energy minimalism. The body is given only so much energy a day.”
James Altucher Quote: “Buying coffee on the street instead of in a Starbucks is the poor man’s way to get rich. In other words, you will never get rich by scratching out ten cents from your dollar.”
James Altucher Quote: “You can’t make money without selling something real. You can’t make something real without first imagination manifesting itself in your head. You can’t have imagination without surrendering yourself to an idea that you want to create something of value to other human beings.”
James Altucher Quote: “Everything that happens in your future is a direct result of what you do today.”
James Altucher Quote: “Being a leader doesn’t mean you created something or you did something great in the past or some other person has given you any kind of authority.”
James Altucher Quote: “I find that many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything when it would be cheaper and more time-efficient to delegate, even if there are monetary costs associated with that.”
James Altucher Quote: “If too many things have to happen in order to bring about the situation you want, then back out of it and try again later.”
James Altucher Quote: “The only way to make real wealth is to get rid of your salary. In a salary, by definition, you are creating wealth for others, and you are creating a chain and handcuffs for yourself.”
James Altucher Quote: “I love being honest and intimate with people. I love building community. I love emailing with readers.”
James Altucher Quote: “But don’t limit yourself too much either. Always be looking for new opportunities to improve incrementally.”
James Altucher Quote: “The idea muscle must be exercised every day. Even if you’ve come up with ideas every day of your life, it will atrophy if you give it a two-week rest.”
James Altucher Quote: “Mistakes I’ve made in the past make me afraid to try new things in the future. I want to be perfect.”
James Altucher Quote: “I had ideas first, wealth second. It only worked in that order.”
James Altucher Quote: “Do as many ideas as possible. The right idea will pick you.”
James Altucher Quote: “Choose to commoditize your labor or choose yourself to be a creator, an innovator, an artist, an investor, a marketer, and an entrepreneur.”
James Altucher Quote: “Good ideas are a link between the real world and the world of myths and dreams.”
James Altucher Quote: “But business is just a vehicle for transforming the ideas in your head into something real, something tangible, that actually improves the lives of others. To create something unique and beautiful and valuable is very hard. It’s very special to do. It doesn’t happen fast.”
James Altucher Quote: “When you’re a kid, everything has a question mark at the end of it. Only later do they turn into periods. Or even exclamation points. “Will I get over this?” becomes “It’s too late.” Becomes “I can’t get over this!”
James Altucher Quote: “Habits. It’s the 5x5 rule. You are not just the average of the five people around you. You’re the average of the five habits you do, the things you eat, the ideas you have, the content you consume, etc.”
James Altucher Quote: “Don’t do something just for the money. Money is a side effect of persistence. You persist in things you are interested in. Explore your interests. Then persist. Then enjoy all the side effects.”
James Altucher Quote: “Don’t time travel into the past, roaming through the nuances as if they can change. Don’t bookmark pages you’ve already read.”
James Altucher Quote: “It’s easy to get anonymous people to hate you. Have an opinion. Be creative. Be yourself.”
James Altucher Quote: “Not everyone is an entrepreneur. Not everyone wants to be one.”
James Altucher Quote: “Most people are not truly talented at anything. However, most people can be pretty good at something.”
James Altucher Quote: “People are walking around blind. If you are the one who can see, you will be able to navigate through this new world.”
James Altucher Quote: “Games are all about taking risks.”
James Altucher Quote: “Don’t forget: when you start a website, it’s not yet a trusted site. So you have to bring people from a trusted site to your site to build up the trust in your site.”
James Altucher Quote: “This applies not just to customers but everyone in your life. Everyone. If someone no longer has your best interest at heart, then in your own self-interest you need to back off. Now.”
James Altucher Quote: “The best, very best scammers will always ask for your advice. This is their favorite technique. It makes them vulnerable. It flatters your ego.”
James Altucher Quote: “Everyone is different. We all suffer from the disease of being human. There are a thousand cures but no antidotes.”
James Altucher Quote: “Reading is the best return on investment. You have to live your entire life in order to know one life. But with reading you can know 1000s of people’s lives for almost no cost. What a great return!”
James Altucher Quote: “Your bosses simply hate you. You created more and more value. They paid you less and less. That’s the definition of disdain in my book.”
James Altucher Quote: “It’s in the valley of failure that we sow our seeds of success.”
James Altucher Quote: “Today I will try again. And tomorrow. And then the next day. If I don’t get better, I will at least have fun trying. And what else is there in life but to play as much as possible?”
James Altucher Quote: “Honesty is about the scars. Its about the blemishes. But its more than just bragging about failure, which could be a form of ego. Its about truly helping people.”
James Altucher Quote: “I have lots of ideas. How do I pick the right one? Execute on as many as possible. The right idea will pick you.”
James Altucher Quote: “You will be the beacon that will enhance the lives of everyone around you and, in doing so, trigger the actual law of nature that says when you enhance everyone around you, you can’t help but enhance yourself.”
James Altucher Quote: “Ultimately, mastery is about connecting the dots of many fields.”
James Altucher Quote: “The value of your network goes up exponentially when you view your contacts and resources not as a list but as a network of nodes on a graph. Think of the number of connections that can connect two different nodes on that graph. It’s exponential compared to the number of items in a list that connect directly to you. The way you create the network effect is by encouraging people in your network to connect to each other and to help each other.”
James Altucher Quote: “Remember: complaining is draining. So I wanted to make better use of that energy rather than fight it.”
James Altucher Quote: “The best way I have ever found to fill that hole is not to seek external motivations to fill the emptiness, but to ignite the internal fire that will never go out. To light up my own inner sky.”
James Altucher Quote: “If we truly want to learn, we never learn when we are talking. We only learn when we are listening.”
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