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James Altucher Quote: “This is about a new phase in history where art, science, business, and spirit will join together, both externally and internally, in the pursuit of true wealth. It’s a phase where ideas are more important than people.”
James Altucher Quote: “In order to be creative you have to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”
James Altucher Quote: “Should I listen to venture capitalists? Yes, of course. They gave you money. But then don’t do anything they ask you to do.”
James Altucher Quote: “We should be focusing on building the things that don’t exist.”
James Altucher Quote: “But action leaks the panic out of your head.”
James Altucher Quote: “When you expose yourself there are many ways for people to attack you. People will stab you and hurt you. But you can’t create art unless you show how unique you are while being inclusive with others who share your problems.”
James Altucher Quote: “And it took him about 15 years of writing every day, writing thousands of poems and stories before he finally started making a living as a writer. He wrote his first novel at the age of 49 and it was financially successful. After 25 years of plugging away at it he was finally a successful writer.”
James Altucher Quote: “You don’t have to come up with the new, new thing. Just do the old, old thing slightly better than everyone else.”
James Altucher Quote: “I have never met a mentally strong person who wasn’t a voracious reader.”
James Altucher Quote: “Reinvention is never over. Today is the first day.”
James Altucher Quote: “Tomorrow is 100 percent based on the negotiations you do today.”
James Altucher Quote: “I’m trying to have fewer things in my life right now. This doesn’t always mean fewer trinkets that shine on a shelf. It also might mean fewer things that upset me. Fewer people who bother me. Fewer regrets about things that are long dead and buried. Fewer anxieties about a future that may or may not exist.”
James Altucher Quote: “You can’t help others if you look in the mirror and hate what you see.”
James Altucher Quote: “Mastery begins when formal education ends. Find the topic that sets your heart on fire. Then combust.”
James Altucher Quote: “I realized that I was an amateur. I had spent my life pretending to be something I wasn’t.”
James Altucher Quote: “You are entitled to say NO to wearing a mask in order to get people to like you.”
James Altucher Quote: “You’ve done all you can do. All that is within your power, your control. Now, give up the results. The right thing will happen.”
James Altucher Quote: “In one column is the list of ideas. In the other column is the list of “First Steps” – only the first step, because you have no idea where that first step will take you.”
James Altucher Quote: “Speak to breathe spirit into an idea, to be enthusiastic, to convey emotion, to influence. This is the only way to have impact with your unique creativity.”
James Altucher Quote: “All of my friends are superheroes, too. Each one of my friends has a different power. But they are all amazing powers and I’m blessed when I see those powers in action. And once someone joins the bad guys, they are no longer my friend. I’m busy saving lives. I don’t need bad friends.”
James Altucher Quote: “Like many people, he realized that he had to do something different in order to get out of the rut he was in. There’s a saying, “It’s your best thinking that got you here.” So the first step is to literally throw away your “best thinking.”
James Altucher Quote: “Oxytocin is released when you have an orgasm. For men, interestingly, it is only released when you have an orgasm with someone you love.”
James Altucher Quote: “In every business, I’ve loved meeting my competitors. The reality is there’s no such thing as competition. The world is big enough for two people in the same space.”
James Altucher Quote: “We can no longer afford to rely on others and repeat the same mistakes from our pasts.”
James Altucher Quote: “Why buy a home with your own hard-earned money when you can use somebody else’s?”
James Altucher Quote: “Excuses are easy lies we tell ourselves to cover up our failures. One such excuse is, only dishonest people get ahead. This is also a lie. MAKE.”
James Altucher Quote: “That’s when it clicked. When everything changed. When I realized that nobody else was going to do it for me. If I was going to thrive, to survive, I had to choose myself. In every way. The stakes have risen too high not to.”
James Altucher Quote: “The ethic of the Choose Yourself era is to not depend on those stifling trends that are defeating you. Instead, build your own platform, have faith and confidence in yourself instead of a jury-rigged system, and define success by your own terms.”
James Altucher Quote: “What you need to do is build the house you will live in. You build that house by laying a solid foundation: by building physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.”
James Altucher Quote: “We live in a world where the yellow brick road has many forks and can take us on many incredible journeys.”
James Altucher Quote: “Dwelling on negativity won’t suddenly have positive results. It only brings more negativity into your head. You can’t buy happiness with the currency of unhappiness. The idea that we need to “pay our dues” is a lie told to us by people who wanted our efforts and labor on the cheap.”
James Altucher Quote: “When you surrender and accept the beautiful stillness around you, when you give up all thoughts of the past, all worries and anxieties of the future, when you surround yourself with similarly positive people, when you tame the mind, when you keep healthy, there is zero chance of burnout.”
James Altucher Quote: “Society is made up of individuals. The only way to improve society is to come at it from a place of deep, individual satisfaction. The only way to do that is to spend long periods of time just being silent. Find out who the real you is. Ask yourself, “These thoughts that I am thinking, what is generating them?” They are not your thoughts. That is just the biological brain dancing in front of you. Who is the “you” they are dancing in front of? Find that answer, and then you can save the world.”
James Altucher Quote: “Try this exercise: pretend everyone was sent to this planet to teach you. Famous people, dead people, your neighbors, your relatives, your co-workers. This will give you a strong feeling of humility. And guess what, you will learn from people, you will appreciate them more, and they will actually appreciate you more. Because everyone loves to teach.”
James Altucher Quote: “Most people obsess on regrets in their past or anxieties in their future. I call this “time-travelling”. The past and future don’t exist. They are memories and speculation, neither of which you have any control over. You don’t need to time travel anymore. You can live right now.”
James Altucher Quote: “But the most important thing these rejections gave me was a sense that NEVER AGAIN should I rely on the whims of one person to choose my success or failure in any endeavor.”
James Altucher Quote: “Ninety-nine percent of the people on the street will lick the flavor right off your Life Saver if you let them.”
James Altucher Quote: “But one thing is for sure: if you don’t make courageous choices for yourself, nobody else will. There’s.”
James Altucher Quote: “Kamal’s excellent book close this chapter: If a painful memory arises, don’t fight it or try to push it away – you’re in quicksand. Struggle reinforces pain. Instead, go to love. Love for yourself. Feel it. If you have to fake it, fine. It’ll become real eventually. Feel the love for yourself as the memory ebbs and flows. That will take the power away.”
James Altucher Quote: “I don’t like the word purpose. It implies that somewhere in the future I will find something that will make me happy, and that until then, I will be unhappy. People fool themselves into thinking that the currency of unhappiness will buy them happiness. That we have to “pay our dues,” go on some sort of ride, and then get dropped off at a big location called our “purpose,” where now we can be happy.”
James Altucher Quote: “I hate to sound like a weirdo Buddhist, but the only things that really matter in this world are the relationships you have with the people you love, and the meaningful things that you do. Haters don’t fit anywhere into that. Don’t devote any mental space to them.” The.”
James Altucher Quote: “For the past five thousand years, people have been largely enslaved by a few select masters who understood how violence, religion, communication, debt, and class warfare all work together to subjugate a large group of people.”
James Altucher Quote: “Out of silence comes the greatest creativity.”
James Altucher Quote: “If the wants, needs, and prejudices of others, even those you love, take up too much mental real estate in your brain, then you have no room left over to actually be the person you were meant to be – the person who actually has the potential to help others.”
James Altucher Quote: “Filtering the people we allow into our lives is probably the most important factor in determining whether we will live a happy life or not. Because if we let the wrong people in, we will be drained, and if we are drained, how can we expect to have abundance or creativity?”
James Altucher Quote: “The only things that really matter in this world are the relationships you have with the people you love, and the meaningful things that you do.”
James Altucher Quote: “The world right now is filled with fog. Honesty is a beacon. Your honesty – saying no to the lying – is what will bring the lost ships home. It’s what will bring health, love, and money to you.”
James Altucher Quote: “Do you really think you are going to change anyone’s mind?”
James Altucher Quote: “Being mediocre doesn’t mean you won’t change the world. It means being honest with yourself and the people around you. And being honest at every level is really the most effective habit of all if you want to have massive success.”
James Altucher Quote: “We rob ourselves of our joy and happiness when we stop and check in with what everyone else is thinking and saying about us.”
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