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Top 50 Jamie Bell Quotes (2023 Update)

Jamie Bell Quote: “Any time you can completely immerse yourself in something it’s fun.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I’m awkward around girls.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “It’s a difficult position. Do you endanger your child to fight for the right thing, or do you keep your mouth shut and let your child grow up in a world where their natural rights are stripped away from them?”
Jamie Bell Quote: “Dancing is like riding a bike.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I have a problem with heights in general – and climbing!”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I never had a father figure so I never missed it.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “That’s just a much more enjoyable and motivating experience for me, when I can see people who are just as obsessed with the idea as I am.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “Saying “muff” to someone and trying to be romantic is incredibly difficult.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I actually don’t mind rats at all. I kind of think they’re quite cute, but that’s just me.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I’ve got lots of weird illustrations of me from Japanese fans.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “New York is great for people watching and there’s a bunch of amazing rooftops.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I think everyone still thinks I’m 13.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “Wherever the good work is I’ll go.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “The reason I do small, independent movies is because I want to keep my soul intact and maintain some kind of integrity within this industry.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “AMC is a fantastic network that does diverse programming, and does it at a really good level and of great quality.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “When you have a child, you are just immediately changed forever. You put yourself second. Your child comes first, and everything that you do is with them in mind.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “If you’re living two lives and you’re lying to everyone, you’re bound to slip up, in some way, you’re bound to get something wrong, and you’re bound to get found out.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I think documentary filmmaking is a braver way to make films because it’s real, and you’re really there.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “New York is full of crazy people, and I like that.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I’m proud of my works. But there’s not one thing that I can put my finger on and say, “That is my greatest achievement. That’s my proudest moment.” That’s so tricky to me.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I think a mantra I always told myself is, “No matter how many times somebody pitches the ball at you, if you swing every time, eventually one of them is going to connect.” Being yourself and persistence are two things that became my daily mantras, I suppose.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “The complexity of the situation of having a war going on around you and what that delivers to you is that you have to figure out which side to take.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “Sometimes great things come from doing things quickly and not over-thinking stuff.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I excelled in English while I was at school.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I’m a hard-mouthed north-eastern lad. That’s me – the Eminem of Northeast England.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I’m very good at meeting people, very outgoing.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I never realised that the Edinburgh skyline was so interesting – it’s gothic and very urban and there’s a lot of church spires and old brownstone buildings.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “It’s hard to define somebody by one movie. I mean, unfortunately, my entire life was basically made by Billy Elliot. It was kind of created by that one catalytic moment.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I sympathize with every kitchen porter.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I’m no good at the one-liner thing. It’s just not me.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I had teen angst for a while, but I think every teenager has the angst.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I think it was the sense that Turn is a spy thriller, and that’s a genre that really fascinates me, in general.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “Let’s say that you commit a crime, you get caught, you might get sent to prison. It’s going to be bad. But if you get caught spying, you’re literally hanged the next morning.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I think movie making can sometimes make you lazy in your approach. Occasionally you’ll be shooting a scene and it’s not even your coverage but you’ll catch yourself slipping away and you’ll see your mind going somewhere else. But you just can’t afford to do that on stage.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I wanted to be a journalist for a long time.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I remember when I first came to America and I saw posters for TV shows and I was like, “What?! Why does a television show deserve space on a billboard?””
Jamie Bell Quote: “When I see people talking about TV, they’re way more animated, way more passionate than when they talk about films.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “TV is a big business. In some ways, it’s surpassed films, in terms of the way people invest in these shows and invest in these characters, and give up so much of their time to follow these people’s stories.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I’m just a small guy so if I’d dropped any more weight it would have been a bit ridiculous.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I think as English people, we don’t want to be reminded that at one point we ruled three-quarters of the globe, and now we’re a very small country that doesn’t own three-quarters of the globe.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I don’t take any photographs. I travel a lot by myself, and I feel weird taking photos on my own.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I have, I think, eight mentors. It’s crazy, but I need them. They are all really important to me. They keep me grounded and advise me.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I don’t think many people can say they’ve been the lead in a Spielberg film and still been able to live their normal life that they had before.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I think I have much more appreciation for directing and movies overall versus a performance or an actor. Their body of work is more interesting.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I look at my contemporaries, and we’re all at different stages and levels, and all choosing different routes, different ways to do things.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “It must be hard to be a female in a David Mackenzie movie. I feel like women in his films are portrayed a certain way – like broken people.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I don’t think there’s a lot of actors out there right now who really know what they’re doing at all.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “If the right thing came along at the right time, it would be an enormous kind of challenge.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I’m still pretty terrified of heights.”
Jamie Bell Quote: “I love anything that kind of removes me from myself and employs something else. So, I love accents and I love pretending.”
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