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Top 25 Janet Macunovich Quotes (2024 Update)

Janet Macunovich Quote: “Take my last best advice: Try everything twice!”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Happiness comes from growing what thrives, not merely survives.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Wood’s not natural mulch for a woodland garden. Do you see forest trees shatter into a zillion pieces and fall? No. They fall, then decompose, then spread.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “We blame Walt Disney for goldenrod’s undeserved bad name. Despite Sneezy’s pronouncement, plants such as goldenrod with heavy, insect-carried pollen rarely cause allergic reaction.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “You can put a gardener behind the wheel, but you can’t keep her eyes off the landscape.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “I have heard people say, “I garden in lieu of therapy, but therapy would be cheaper.” I believe gardening’s worth the price since it’s at least as effective in curing head and heart of what ails us.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “You don’t know the plant until you’ve killed it. Then you’ve learned something.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “We think we learn by growing a plant but we can’t know if it’s just surviving or truly living? We really don’t know anything about a plant until we kill it.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “There are far too many self esteem problems in the world as it is. No sense taking on plant guilt, too.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Don’t design your back yard from the outside looking in. Design from your window looking out.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “The best gardener is a baby killer. Baby insects are much easier to kill than adults, and haven’t yet developed the big mouths and voracious appetite of the adolescent.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “When many plants are out of the picture in winter, it becomes clear that many of them should be pitched out. It’s also much easier to do that before they come up and begin to talk to us.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “The very best garden is a new one, on virgin ground. Plants leap out of that spot.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Gardeners often focus exclusively on plants, missing the absolutely essential visual role played by structures, from paths to pavilions.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “If you cut a shrub back because it’s just too big, and it dies, you haven’t lost anything but a plant that couldn’t live by your rules.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Gardeners in regions with very long summer days have a great opportunity, and should use more of the cool colors that literally glow in the low light of morning and evening.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Silly gardeners! We buy pretty, comfortable benches and position them oh so carefully. But does the gardener ever sit? No! We perch momentarily and then jump up to do that next thing we see.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Gardeners do first, read later. Why not? Plants are very gracious in accepting an apology.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “I don’t rely on muscle power to dig, I use a sharp spade and I wear boots.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “There’s no “right way” to garden, only what suits each person and place.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “If a bush is too big, don’t ask “should I?” Go ahead and cut it. If it lives, great. If it dies, replace it with something better suited!”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “A colorful handle on a tool does nothing for me. Once it drops into that jungle out there, unless it’s absolutely huge, it’s gone until fall.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Low care is what we do while on our knees. Smart care is what makes the growing easier.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “If someone says “You’re not doing that right,” hand him the shovel, sit and watch. That’s the right way to garden.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “History is everything in gardening: With a site, weather, a particular plant. It solves mysteries. And it’s why, when others say, “You can’t do that!” you can know with deepest certainty that you can.”
Janet Macunovich Quote: “Be pleased with your real garden, don’t persue the perfection of a picture. What you see in a photo lasted only as long as the shutter snap.”
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