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Jasper Johns Quotes

Jasper Johns Quote: “Old art offers just as good a criticism of new art as new art offers of old.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “To be an artist you have to give up everything, including the desire to be a good artist.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “It’s simple, you just take something and do something to it, and then do something else to it. Keep doing this, and pretty soon you’ve got something.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Art is either a complaint or appeasement.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “One likes to think that one anticipates changes in the spaces we inhabit, and our ideas about space.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I would tend to say that I do what I do as well as possible and that most people don’t.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “One works without thinking how to work.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “One night I dreamed that I painted a large American flag, and the next morning I got up and I went out and bought the materials to begin it.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I am not strong on perfection.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I assumed that everything would lead to complete failure, but I decided that didn’t matter – that would be my life.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “To me, self-description is a calamity.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Sometimes I see it and then paint it. Other times I paint it and then see it. Both are impure situations, and I prefer neither. At every point in nature there is something to see. My work contains similar possibilities for the changing focus of the eye.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I don’t want my work to be an exposure of my feelings.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I think that one wants from a painting a sense of life. The final suggestion, the final statement, has to be not a deliberate statement but a helpless statement. It has to be what you can’t avoid saying.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Generally, I am opposed to painting which is concerned with conceptions of simplicity. Everything looks busy to me.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I’m working in my mind.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “In the place where I was a child, there were no artists and there was no art, so I really didn’t know what that meant. I think I thought it meant that I would be in a situation different than the one that I was in.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “A picture ought to be looked at the same way you look at a radiator.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I feel that works of art are an opportunity for people to construct meaning, so I don’t usually tell what they mean. It conveys to people that they have to participate.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I think a painting should include more experience than simply intended statement.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “As one gets older one sees many more paths that could be taken. Artists sense within their own work that kind of swelling of possibilities, which may seem a freedom or a confusion.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “When you work you learn something about what you are doing and you develop habits and procedures out of what you’re doing.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Whatever I do seems artificial and false, to me.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I’m not sure what ‘coming out right’ means. It often means that what you do holds a kind of energy that you wouldn’t just put there, that comes about through grace of some sort.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Everybody is of course free to interpret the work in his own way., I think seeing a picture is one thing and interpreting it is another.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I’m not looking for images, They just appear and take on an interest. Sometimes you look at a thing and it has no interest and then you see it in a different way and it has another meaning. Or something that was of no use will become useful.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I think through living one’s life, one both changes and remains the same. One can see it either way, one can see oneself as being now what one was and one can see oneself as being absolutely different from what one was. It’s a trick of thought.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Cubism is an anatomical chart of a way of seeing external objects. But I want to confuse the meaning of the act of looking.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I love drawings, so I’ve always enjoyed making drawings that exist on their own.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Early on I was very involved with the notion of the painting as an object and tended to attack that idea from different directions.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Art as a fantasy has been one of my earliest experiences. I suppose a lot of my childhood was a fantasy that involved getting away from things I didn’t like. Fortunately it had some relationship to reality so that later I was able to, to some extent, act as I imagined I might.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I have no ideas about what the paintings imply about the world. I don’t think that’s a painter’s business. He just paints paintings without a conscious reason.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I am just trying to find a way to make pictures.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “There may or may not be an idea, and the meaning may just be that the painting exists.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “One wants one’s work to be the world, but of course it’s never the world. The work is in the world; it never contains the whole thing.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Bend color names which should be made of neon or copper tubing. Place an object on a surface – trace the object – then bend the object – leaving some part of it attached.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “To do a drawing for a painting most often means doing something very sketchy and schematic and then later making it polished.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “When something is new to us, we treat it as an experience. We feel that our senses are awake and clear. We are alive.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Every artist feels alone and isolated, Friends are very important in terms of all sorts of definitions of oneself. They tell you what you are and what they are aside from the intellectual aspects.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I never wish for critics.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Working is very important to me. Probably because as a child I was taught that work was good. I don’t believe it intellectually but I identify with that idea. So it’s probably just like a habit.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “There was very little art in my childhood. I was raised in South Carolina; I wasn’t aware of any art in South Carolina. There was a minor museum in Charleston, which had nothing of interest in it. It showed local artists, paintings of birds.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I have meant what I have done. Or I have often meant what I have done. Or I have sometimes meant what I have done. Or I have tried to mean what I was doing.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I don’t know how to organise thoughts. I don’t know how to have thoughts.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “There was very little art in my childhood.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I decided that if my work contained what I could identify as a likeness to other work, I would remove it.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “I tend to like things that already exist.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “Intention involves such a small fragment of our consciousness and of our mind and of our life.”
Jasper Johns Quote: “That’s what painting does; it organizes vision in a certain way or suggests that certain things be paid attention to and certain other things not be paid attention to. It functions in that way to a certain extent in our civilization.”
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