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Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes
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Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Reflection poisons desire.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Criminals together. We’re in hell, my little friend, and there’s never any mistake there. People are not damned for nothing.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “One does not adopt a new idea, one slips into it.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The Myth of Sisyphus, that it was not acceptable for the absurd person to commit suicide, but that to live, and live rebelliously, “with my revolt, my freedom, and my passion,” was the best way of both acknowledging and rejecting death.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Existentialism’s first move is to make every man aware of what he is and to make the full responsibility of his existence rest on him.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “A writer who takes political, social or literary positions must act only with the means that are his. These means are the written words.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “When one does nothing, one believes oneself responsible for everything.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I am not virtuous. Our sons will be if we shed enough blood to give them the right to be.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I can receive nothing more from these tragic solitudes than a little empty purity.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “If you die, I will lie down beside you and I will stay there until the end, without eating or drinking, you will rot in my arms and I will love you as carcass: for you love nothing if you do not love everything.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “One should commit no stupidity twice, the variety of choice is, in the end, large enough.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “When I can’t see myself in the mirror, I can’t even feel myself, and I begin to wonder if I exist at all.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Man is the being whose project it is to be God.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I never could bear the idea of anyone’s expecting something from me. It always made me want to do just the opposite.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Don’t you feel the same way? When I cannot see myself, even though I touch myself, I wonder if I really exist.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Words There is no good father, that’s the rule. Don’t lay the blame on men but on the bond of paternity, which is rotten. To beget children, nothing better; to have them, what iniquity!”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “It is not a matter of indifference whether we like oysters or clams, snails or shrimp, if only we know how to unravel the existential significance of these foods.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “It is no longer possible to escape men. Farewell to the monsters, farewell to the saints. Farewell to pride. All that is left is men.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “You see, I’m fond of teasing, it’s a second nature with me – and I’m used to teasing myself. Plaguing myself, if you prefer; I don’t tease nicely.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I respect orders but I respect myself too and I do not obey foolish rules made especially to humiliate me.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Listen to me: a family man is never a real family man. An assassin is never entirely assassin. They play a role, you understand. While a dead man, he is really dead. To be or not to be, right?”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself. Such is the first principle of existentialism.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “At times discreetly, at times disgustingly, I yielded to the most fatal temptation whenever I could no longer bear it: as a result of impatience, Orpheus lost Eurydice; as a result of impatience, I lost myself.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Ha! to forget. How childish! I feel you in my bones. Your silence screams in my ears. You may nail your mouth shut, you may cut out your tongue, can you keep yourself from existing? Will you stop your thoughts.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “He is always becoming, and if it were not for the contingency of death, he would never end.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Night is falling: at dusk, you must have good eyesight to be able to tell the Good Lord from the Devil.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “To keep hope alive one must, in spite of all mistakes, horrors, and crimes, recognize the obvious superiority of the socialist camp.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “One always dies too soon or too late. And yet, life is there, finished: the line is drawn, and it must all be added up. You are nothing other than your life.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “If I relegate impossible Salvation to the prop room, what remains? A whole man, composed of all men and as good as all of them and no better than any.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “As for me, I am mean: that means that I need the suffering of others to exist. A flame. A flame in their hearts. When I am all alone, I am extinguished.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “It is the same: a chosen one is a man whom God’s finger crushes against the wall.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I do not believe in God; his existence has been disproved by Science. But in the concentration camp, I learned to believe in men.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Acting is a question of absorbing other people’s personalities and adding some of your own experience.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Nothing happens while you live. The scenery changes, people come in and go out, that’s all. There are no beginnings. Days are tacked on to days without rhyme or reason, an interminable, monotonous addition.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The more one is absorbed in fighting evil, the less one is tempted to place the good in question.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “It is disgusting – Why must we have bodies?”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The revolution you dream of is not ours. You don’t want to change the world; you want to blow it up.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I am neither virgin nor priest enough to play with the inner life.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Il n’y a pas d’autre univers qu’un univers humain, l’univers de la subjectivite humaine. There is no other universe except the human universe, the universe of human subjectivity.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “One of the chief motives of artistic creation is certainly the need of feeling that we are essential in relationship to the world.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Once they have slept together they will have to find something else to veil the enormous absurdity of their existence.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “One is still what one is going to cease to be and already what one is going to become. One lives one’s death, one dies one’s life.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “To whomever gives a kiss or a blow Render a kiss or blow But to whomever gives when you are unable to return Offer all the hatred in your heart For you were slaves and he enslaves you.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “If you want to deserve Hell, you need only stay in bed. The world is iniquity; if you accept it, you are an accomplice, if you change it you are an executioner.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I am alone in the midst of these happy, reasonable voices. All these creatures spend their time explaining, realizing happily that they agree with each other. In Heaven’s name, why is it so important to think the same things all together.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I wanted the moments of my life to follow and order themselves like those of a life remembered. You might as well try and catch time by the tail.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I clung to nothing, in a way I was calm. But it was a horrible calm – because of my body; my body, I saw with its eyes, I heard with its ears, but it was no longer me; it sweated and trembled by itself and I didn’t recognize it any more.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Three o’clock. Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do. An odd moment in the afternoon.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I’ve dropped out of their hearts like a little sparrow fallen from its nest. So gather me up, dear, fold me to your heart – and you’ll see how nice I can be.”
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