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Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes
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Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Man is a useless passion. It is meaningless that we live and it is meaningless that we die.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I am not asking for sensational revelations, but I would like to sense the meaning of that minute, to feel it’s urgency...”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Everything is silent again: but it isn’t the same silence. It’s raining: tapping lightly against the frosted glass windows; if there are any more masked children in the street, the rain is going to spoil their cardboard masks.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “So long as one believes in God, one has the right to do the Good in order to be moral.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I committed the first crime by creating men as mortals. After that, what more could you do, you the murderers? Come on; they already had death in them: at most you simply hastened things a little.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “What never vary are the necessities of being in the world, of having to labor and to die there.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Ah! How I hate the crimes of the new generation: they are dry and sterile as darnel.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “There are two ways of destroying a people. Either condemn them en bloc or force them to repudiate the leaders they adopted. The second is the worse.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The writer is committed when he plunges to the very depths of himself with the intent to disclose, not his individuality, but his person in the complex society that conditions and supports him.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “In any case, if you ever leave me with a handsome man, do not tell me that you trust me because, let me warn you: that is not what will prevent me from deceiving you, if I want to. On the contrary.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “A writer must refuse to allow himself to be transformed into an institution.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “But I must finally realize that I am subject to these sudden transformations. The thing is that I rarely think; a crowd of small metamorphoses accumulate in me without my noticing it, and then, one fine day, a veritable revolution takes place.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “In choosing myself, I choose man.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I enjoy feeling fastidious and aloof. I enjoy saying no, always no, and I should be afraid of any attempt to construct a finally habitable world, because I should merely have to say – Yes; and act like other people.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “If existence really does precede essence, there is no explaining things away by reference to a fixed and given human nature. In other words, there is no determinism, man is free, man is freedom. On the other hand, if God does not exist, we find no values or commands to turn to which legitimize our conduct. So, in the bright realm of values, we have no excuse behind us, nor justification before us. We are alone, with no excuses.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The Myth of Sisyphus, that it was not acceptable for the absurd person to commit suicide, but that to live, and live rebelliously, “with my revolt, my freedom, and my passion,” was the best way of both acknowledging and rejecting death.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Why do you keep maintaining your ideas are right if you can’t prove them?”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Ah! yes, I know: those who see me rarely trust my word: I must look too intelligent to keep it.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “We do not wish to say only that a man is responsible for his own individuality, but that he is responsible for that of all men.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself. Such is the first principle of existentialism.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “It is too early to love. We will buy the right to do so by shedding blood.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “At the same time, I learned that you always lose. Only the rascals think they win.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “That’s what I must avoid: I mustn’t put strangeness where there’s nothing. I think that is the danger of keeping a diary: you exaggerate everything, you are on the look-out, and you continually stretch the truth.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “And then, tired out by all the shouting, I always simply went to bed. Today I’m doing it to feel the pleasure you don’t yet know, of turning abruptly from friendship to love, from strength to tenderness. Tonight I love you in a way that you have not known in me: I am neither worn down by travels nor wrapped up in the desire for your presence. I am mastering my love for you and turning it inwards as a constituent element of myself.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “One always dies too soon – or too late. And yet one’s whole life is complete at that moment, with a line drawn neatly under it, ready for the summing up. You are – your life, and nothing else.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “What is there to fear in such a regular world?”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Those who conceal from themselves this total freedom, under the guise of solemnity, or by making deterministic excuses, I will call cowards. Others, who try to prove their existence is necessary, when man’s appearance on earth is merely contingent, I will call bastards.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “This is what I mean when I say that man is condemned to be free: condemned, because he did not create himself, yet nonetheless free, because once cast into the world, he is responsible for everything that he does.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “She believed in nothing. Only her scepticism kept her from being an atheist.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “It is the reflection of my face. Often in these lost days I study it: I can understand nothing of this face. The faces of others have some sense, some direction. Not mine. I cannot even decide whether it is handsome or ugly. I think it is ugly because I have been told so. But it doesn’t strike me. At heart, I am even shocked that anyone can attribute qualities of this kind to it, as if you called a clod of earth or a block of stone beautiful or ugly.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “We have to deal with human reality as a being which is what it is not and which is not what it is.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I feel there are no more perfect moments. I feel it in my legs when I walk. I feel it all the time, even when I sleep. I can’t forget it. I am dazzled, uncomfortable, I can’t get used to it.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Paris was dead. More cars, more pedestrians – except at certain hours in certain quarters. We walked between the cobblestones; it appeared that we were the forgotten members of an immense exodus. A bit of provincial life was caught on the sharp angles of the capital; it remained a skeleton city, pompous and immobile, too long and too big for us: too large, the streets that we discovered as far as the eye could see, too great the distances, too vast the perspectives: we got lost.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “In life man commits himself and draws his own portrait, outside of which there is nothing. No doubt this thought may seem harsh to someone who has not made a success of his life. But on the other hand, it helps people to understand that reality alone counts, and that dreams, expectations and hopes only serve to define a man as a broken dream, aborted hopes, and futile expectations.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Existence is a fullness which man can never abandon.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Existentialism is not atheist in the sense that it would exhaust itself in demonstrations of the non-existence of God. It declares, rather, that even if God existed that would make no difference from its point of view. Not that we believe God does exist, but we think that the real problem is not that of His existence; what man needs is to find himself again and to understand that nothing can save him from himself, not even a valid proof of the existence of God.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Thing are bad! Things are very bad: I have it, the filth, the Nausea.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The genius of Proust is the totality of the works of Proust.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Oppressed with countless little daily cares, he had waited... For an act. A free, considered act; that should pledge his whole life, and stand at the beginning of a new existence.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Man is not only that which he conceives himself to be, but that which he wills himself to be...”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The Intellectual is someone who meddles in what does not concern him.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Anny hasn’t changed her letter paper, I wonder if she still buys it at the little stationer’s in Piccadilly. I think that she has also kept her coiffure, her heavy blonde locks she didn’t want to cut. She must struggle patiently in front of mirrors to save her face: it isn’t vanity or fear of growing old; she wants to stay as she is, just as she is. Perhaps this is what I liked best in her, this austere loyalty to her most insignificant features.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The sun was clear and diaphanous like white win. Its light barely touched the moving figures, gave them no shadow, no relief: faces and hands made spots of pale gold.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Don’t you ever get taken that way? When I can’t see myself I begin to wonder if I really and truly exist. I pat myself just to make sure, but it doesn’t help much.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The existent individual, as Kierkegaard defines him, is first of all he who is in an infinite relationship with himself and has an infinite interest in himself and his destiny. Secondly, the existent individual always feels himself to be in Becoming, with a task before him;.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “The simplest, most indefinable quality had too much content, in relation to itself, in its heart.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I had spent my time counterfeiting eternity, I had understood nothing.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “These young people amaze me; drinking their coffee, they tell clear, plausible stories. If you ask them what they did yesterday, they don’t get flustered; they tell you all about it in a few words. If I were in their place, I’d start stammering. It’s true that for a long time now nobody has bothered how I spend my time. When you live alone, you even forget what it is to tell a story : plausibility disappears at the same time as friends.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “I shall have to get used all over again to speaking to people without touching them.”
Jean-Paul Sartre Quote: “Everything happens to every man as though the whole human race had its eyes fixed upon what he is doing and regulated its conduct accordingly.”
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