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Jennifer Donnelly Quotes
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Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Airports should all belong to the same country. The country of Crappacia. Or Bleakovania. Or Suckitan.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “She was his soulmate, as much a part of him as the very flesh and bone that made him. She was with him, in him, in everything he did. She was everything he wanted from his life, the very measure of his dreams.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “There is an advantage to be found in most everything that happens to you, even if it is not immediately apparent.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Mirrors only show us what we are. Books show us what we can be.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Who knew that listening to a guy sleep could be so much deeper than sleeping with a guy.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Life can be so difficult, and stories help us escape those difficulties. It’s all right to lose yourself in one.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Once upon always and never again, in an ancient city by the sea, three sisters worked by candlelight.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “The truth can be a hard thing, Jo. It’s often best left hidden.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I struggled for a long time to get anything published.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I think your vision gets better as you get older.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “The guitar’s still around me. I slip it off and put it down. I want to feel him. To feel his breath on my neck. The warmth of his skin. To feel something other than sadness. Hold me, I tell him silently. Hold me here. To this place. This life. Make me want you. Want this. Want something. Please.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Her grey eyes sparkled with passion as she spoke. Sid looked into them and for a second he glimpsed her soul. He saw what she was – fierce and brave. Upright. Impatient. And good. So good that she would sit covered in gore, shout at dangerous men, and keep a long, lonely vigil – all to save the likes of him. He realized she was a rare creature, as rare as a rose in winter.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Can’t you see that the courage to risk, to dare, to toss that gold coin up in the air over and over again, win or lose, is what makes humans human? They are fragile, doomed creatures, blinder than worms yet braver than the gods.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Tell Crabby Abby he’s going to sit on the naughty chair if he sinks one more island,” Astrid said, catching her ball.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I will go out again this very night with my rockets and fuses. I will blow them straight out of their comfortable beds. Blow the rooftops off their houses. Blow the black, wretched night to bits. I will not stop. For mad I may be, but I will never be convenient.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Lots of things are impossible,” she said softly. “Until they’re not.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I need a name for this ink... A name for the feeling you get when you see someone again. After many years. Someone lost to you. Or so you thought. And you remember them a certain way. In your mind, they never age. But then suddenly, there they are. Older. Changed by time. Different, but exactly the same.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “His arms around her felt like nothing she’d ever known and everything she’d ever wanted.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Go now, girl. Remake the world.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “We all make mistakes, the danger lies in letting those mistakes make us. Make us believe we can’t put things right. Make us think there’s no hope. Make us give up.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “If you wait for someone else to make things better, you’ll be waiting a very long time.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I could solve all the Diophantine equations, extend Newton’s work on infinite series, complete Euler’s analysis of prime numbers, and it wouldn’t matter.” She looked at Isabelle. “Ella is the beauty. You and I are the ugly stepsisters. And so the world reduces us, all three of us, to our lowest common denominator.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I’M SO GLAD you’re not dumb, Yaz,” Neela said. Yazeed shot her a sidelong glace. “I thought you were going to say dead.” “That, too.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “It’s a wonderful thing to read about other people’s lives, but it’s important to live your own life too – no matter how challenging that life may sometimes be.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “He was a flame and she’d gotten burned, and the pain was terrible, yet it didn’t make the fire any less alluring.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I’m not crazy; I’m curious.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Mortals aren’t born strong, they become strong.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Her fear was strong, but her need for the truth was stronger.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Ghosts are not the dead, come back from the grave to torment the living; ghosts are already here. They live inside us, keening in the ashes of our sorrows, mired in the thick, clutching mud of our regrets.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Asking questions, demanding explanations – these things always led to trouble.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “May Delano looked up from her book. “What’s a wayward girl?” she asked. Jo groaned. “Never mind,” Trudy said. “Tell me,” May whined. “Very well,” Trudy replied, turning to look at May. “A girl who is with child but without a husband.” May laughed. “Shows what you know, Trudy Van Eyck. The stork brings babies after you’re married, not before.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “It’s good that you still cry,” Isabelle whispered to her. “It’s when you stop crying that you’re lost.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Why do you write?′ Because I love words and stories so much. Because I would be grief stricken every day of my life if I couldn’t write. Because I’m obsessed and compelled. Because I’d be utterly useless at anything else.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Here are the things girls die of: hunger, disease, accidents, childbirth, and violence. It takes more than heartache to kill a girl. Girls are tough as rocks.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “To have a purpose in life – what does that feel like?”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Sera was beginning to see that love wasn’t pretty words and easy promises. Love was hard. It challenged you and changed you. It filled your heart and sometimes hardened it too. Love demanded sacrifices. She’d made many over the last few weeks, and knew she would be called upon to make many more.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Whatever you do or dream you can do – begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Headstrong is just a word, Katie – a word others call you when you don’t do what they want.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Love – real love – sees with the heart, master. Not with the eyes.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “But here, surrounded by friends who wanted her, she recognized for the first time that there was only one voice that truly mattered. Only one she had to listen to. Her own.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep. I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “The truth is usually inappropriate,” Caroline said. “That’s why we avoid speaking of it.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “It’s all about the pain, isn’t it?”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “We who have means and a voice must use them to help those who have neither. Yet how can we help them if we don’t even know about them? And how can we know about them if no one writes about them? Is it so wrong to want to know things?”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Love isn’t idiotic. It’s hard and messy, confusing and wonderful. But to love and be loved... that’s all that matters.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “The day you stop dreaming you might as well take yourself down to the undertaker’s, for you’re as good as dead.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “An escape can become escapism before we even know it. Books are wonderful things, but you can’t live in someone else’s story. You have to live your own story.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “It’s not pride I’m feeling. It’s another sin. Worse than all the other ones, which are immediate, violent, and hot. This one sits inside you quietly and eats you from the inside out like the trichina worms the pigs get. It’s the Eighth Deadly Sin. The one God left out. Hope.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “The worst day above ground is better than any day under it.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Home’s all the people, all the places, and all the things that you love. You carry it wherever you go.”
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