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Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “But then again, it’s easy to love those who’ve done right by us, don’t you think? A bit harder to love those who’ve done us wrong.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “No sunrises that stop you dead with their unspeakable beuaty, either, he thought. No whales breaching only yards away from the ship, showering your awestruck self with a cold ocean rain. No songs and whiskey belowdecks at night while the wind plucks at the ship’s rigging and the ice beats against her hull.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Help the others believe, Serafina. Help Ling believe she can break through the silences. Help Neela believe her greatest power comes from within, not without. Help Becca believe the warmest fire is the one that’s shared. Help Ava believe the gods did know what they were doing. That’s what a leader does – she inspires other to believe in themselves.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “The truth is usually inappropriate.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Why do you always want to read about other people’s lives, Matt? Ain’t your own good enough for you.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “For the rich boys who get to go to the Sorbonne even though they’re too stupid to solve a simple quadratic equation? For the viscount I was seated next to at a dinner who tried to put his hand up my skirt through all five courses? For the smug society ladies who look me up and down and purse their lips and say no, I won’t do for their sons because my chin is too pointed, my nose is too large, I talk too much about numbers?”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Lots of things are true. Doesn’t mean you have to go around saying them.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “My choice”, he’d whispered, taking her hand. “Mine. Not theirs.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “It was a trick. It was this place, all the memories. His longing heart and the darkness conspiring. But his eyes told him it was no trick. He jumped down off the steps and walked toward her. Hoping. Fearing. He’d done this before. So many times. Caught sight of a slender black-haired woman and impulsively called to her, only to have her turn and gaze at him with eyes that were questioning, coldly polite, and never, ever hers.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Call a girl pretty once, and all she wants, forevermore, is to hear it again.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Even the strong couldn’t be strong all the time.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Why is it, she wondered now, that boys get to do things and be things and girls only get to watch?”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “As a child, she’d thought all the noise and commotion was the most wild, wonderful game, but as she’d grown older, she understood why everyone rushed around so: they were chasing a story.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Elizabeth walked through the path they’d cleared and up to the towering book. She kicked the cover with a well-shod foot. It slammed shut. Then she dipped her brush into the bucket, crossed out the word history, dipped the brush again, and wrote HER STORY in its place.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “That’s what we do with our pain,” she said, watching the butterfly rise. “We make it into something beautiful.” “We make it into something meaningful,” said the diva. “We make it matter,” whispered the actress.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Her grief would run its course, like a fever, and release her when it was spent. He would not shush her or tell her it was God’s will and that her da was better off. That was rubbish and they both knew it. When something hurt as bad as this, you had to let it hurt. There were no shortcuts. p. 100-101.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Fairy tales give it to us straight. They tell us something profound and essential – that the woods are real, and dark, and full of wolves. That we will, at times, find ourselves hopelessly lost in them. But these tales also tell us that we are all that we need, that we have all we need – guts, smarts, and maybe a pocketful of breadcrumbs – to find our way home.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “She was sorry for all the grim-tale girls locked in lonely towers. Trapped in sugar houses. Lost in the dark woods, with a huntsman coming to cut out their hearts.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Voice, according to Miss Wilcox, is not just the sound that comes from your throat but the feeling that comes from your words.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Jealousy. It burns so hot, so bright. It devours you until you’re just a smoking ruin with nothing left inside. Nothing but ashes.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Sir, no amount of money, no matter how vast, could induce me to stroll, perambulate, promenade, or engage in any form of locomotion with you whatsoever. Good evening.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Murder is not a suitable topic of conversation for a young lady.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “She alone knew that one must meet the world’s madness with more madness.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Life’s all about the revolution, isn’t it?” he said. “The one inside, I mean.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Life, Rose well knew, could throw some hard punches at you, but nothing hurt as much as losing a child, or seeing one of your children hurt and suffering. Becoming a parent changed you forever, as nothing else could. Not good or bad fortune. Not friendships. Not even a man or a woman.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “You fear you will fail at the very thing you were born for. And your fear torments you... instead of shunning your fear, you must let it speak and listen carefully to what it’s trying to tell you. It will give you good counsel.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “You’re playing by the Rule of Three,” said Love. “Named for the three Fates, the first of whom holds the spool upon which the thread of life is wound; the second, who pulls that thread; and the third, who snips it. If Belle eats three things in Nevermore, and leave three things, she’ll be bound to it.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I’ve been in contact with her. She approached me months ago. I know the terms of her deal. She’s going to tell Ragnar that Ondalina’s attack on Miromara was an act of war and that he must surrender. Either he accepts Lucia.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Most people, if they were generous, were so because they thought life was short and that one must make the most of it. Sid Baxter was generous because he knew that life was long. It went on and on even when you had no use for it anymore. It was happiness, not life, that was short, and when it visited – in the form of a fine evening spent talking with a friend – he honoured it.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I want to have hope, I can’t help it, but I’m almost afraid to,” Serafina.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Oh, dead man, you’re dead worng,” I tell him. “The world goes on stupid and brutal, but I do not. Can’t you see? I do not.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Her eyes drank in the colors of home – the soft gray of an arctic gull’s wing. The clear blue heart of an ice floe.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Well, it seems to me that there are books that tell stories, and then there are books that tell truths... The first kind, they show you life like you want it to be. With villains getting what they deserve and the hero seeing what a fool he’s been and marrying the heroine and happy endings and all that... But the second kind, they show you life more like it is... The first kind makes you cheerful and contented, but the second kind shakes you up.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “But you are a different sort of girl. Not at all what I expected you to be. And this is a different sort of time. And so I am hopeful for all the things you may yet find.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I was born in Paris. My parents came here from Tunisia when they were kids, but we’re still foreigners. Arabs. Africans. Rabble. Scum. We’re what’s wrong with this country and we always will be.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Sometimes, Belle, our troubles are too deep for words,” Lumiere said. “It’s at times like those when we need our friends the most.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Revolutions come about when small things happen to small people.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “No. I meant stay with me today. And tomorrow. And every day after.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “You terrify me, Isabelle. I’ve never met a girl like you. You’re a fighter, fierce as hell. You never quit. You don’t know how. You don’t need anyone. You certainly don’t need me.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “She might be a captive, but in this room, with a book in her hand, she could be free.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Ambition and poverty are powerful motivators...”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Very. I ground the lenses myself. The left gives you hindsight; the right, foresight.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Volnero as the new ruler of Ondalina or Miromara obliterates our entire realm. I will advise Ragnar to accept her terms.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “That was what people did when they wanted to stop a girl from doing something – they shamed her.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “The thing is, you can’t ever really know how rotten someone will turn out to be.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Sometimes you have to do wrong to do right.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “But an ugly girl? Ah, child, the world is made for men. An ugly girl can never be forgiven.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “You’d live happily ever after. On nothing but love and pastries.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “Know that you are a warrior... and that a true warrior carries love, courage, and her conscience into battle, as surely as she carries her sword.”
Jennifer Donnelly Quote: “I take a seat high above the BQE, stare at Manhatten for a bit, and then I play. For hours. I play until my fingertips are raw. Until I rip a nail and bleed on the strings. Until my hands hurt so bad I forget my heart does.”
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