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Jill Abramson Quotes

Jill Abramson Quote: “It’s a little dangerous to be a badass.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “You know, a dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that you’re in faster than you can think of.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “The printed newspaper is a powerful showcase for news, opinion and advertising.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “Over the years, I’ve worried that my directness could come off as brusque or my criticisms heard in an outsize way, especially by male colleagues. I sometimes wondered whether expressing even my mildest reservation reminded someone of a chastising mother or complaining wife.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “The Obama administration has had seven criminal leak investigations. That is more than twice the number of any previous administration in our history. It’s on a scale never seen before. This is the most secretive White House that, at least as a journalist, I have ever dealt with.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “A general truth is to have a good sense of humor. Roll with the punches of life’s ups and downs. Laughing at yourself always helps.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “Women are damn resilient.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “In one’s relationship with dogs and with a newsroom, a generous amount of praise and encouragement goes much better than criticism.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “If The Times said it, it was the absolute truth.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “I have an older sister who sounds, unfortunately, exactly like me, and we sound like our mother did.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “Having small children and being an investigative reporter would seem like a difficult mix, but it worked well for me. I was often working on my own enterprise stories, which were not as deadline sensitive.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “The idea that women journalists bring a different taste in stories or sensibility isnt true.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “What’s next for me? I don’t know. So I’m in exactly the same boat as many of you.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “Nobody wants a unitary voice of authority any more.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “The whole issue of how women’s management styles are viewed is an incredibly interesting subject.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “As someone who has spent a lot of her career as an investigative reporter, I’ll confess that a frustration of mine has always been that so much investigative journalism involves a dissection of events in the past.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “I like the immediacy of blogs and the democratizing effects of letting millions of voices bloom on the Web.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “I admit that I am hopelessly hooked on the printed newspaper. I love turning the pages and the serendipity of stumbling across a piece of irresistible information or a photograph that I wasnt necessarily intending to read.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “I think as an investigative reporter I had tough standards, but I don’t think of myself as a tough person.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “I think the Huffington Post has been inventive and presents what it aggregates well.”
Jill Abramson Quote: “People often assume New York City is no place to keep a dog. This is certainly what my parents told me when I was growing up there. But I have found this not to be the case at all.”
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