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Joey Logano Quote: “There’s always room for improvement.”

Joey Logano Quote: “My friends and family and team know who I am, and they have my back. So I don’t let someone who doesn’t know me affect me.”

Joey Logano Quote: “I believe 0% is luck. I think you create your own luck, so I don’t believe in luck.”

Joey Logano Quote: “I have to win races. It’s not even an option.”

Joey Logano Quote: “You don’t go to a race track to finish second.”

Joey Logano Quote: “My reputation is different among different groups. You have your fans, your non-fans, your team, your crew, your family, your friends and then you have your peers. I think they’re all different and each of them have their separate opinions about you.”

Joey Logano Quote: “Once the tires start to wear out the better car will prevail eventually. It might take a little bit of time, but eventually it will be the best. That’s why everyone is trying to make their car good on the long run.”

Joey Logano Quote: “Obviously, the opinions that are most accurate are the ones that are closest to you – your crew, your friends, your family. Those people know who you are, and that’s accurate.”

Joey Logano Quote: “It’s funny how the whole team gets quiet when you’re about to win a Daytona 500.”

Joey Logano Quote: “Some of the fans look at me as a villain or not a nice guy for some reason. I don’t feel like that’s the case, personally.”

Joey Logano Quote: “Just because I’m not coordinated doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.”

Joey Logano Quote: “When you cross the line and you’ve won the race, to me, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Joey Logano Quote: “If you don’t really know someone, everyone forms an opinion. That’s part of life.”

Joey Logano Quote: “I have always tried to drive a car that was better than me, and race against people who were better than me. If you are surrounded by people who are as good as you, or not as good, how are you going to learn?”

Joey Logano Quote: “There are certain racetracks where I feel like I could run 1,000 miles.”

Joey Logano Quote: “I don’t worry about anything but winning races.”

Joey Logano Quote: “You need to be sharp the whole race, and eventually you start getting mentally tired and make little mistakes over and over.”

Joey Logano Quote: “Some fans understand who I am and why I do things, and then there are some fans that have formed an opinion that I don’t feel is who I am.”

Joey Logano Quote: “I’m pretty conservative on a lot of things. I don’t want to get hurt.”

Joey Logano Quote: “I enjoy doing autograph sessions because I’m a people-watcher. I’m the guy in the airport who likes to just sit and watch people go by. So I enjoy just meeting people and hearing their stories.”

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