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Johannes Kepler Quote: “Science is the process of thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Geometry is one and eternal shining in the mind of God.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “The chief aim of all investigations of the external world should be to discover the rational order and harmony which has been imposed on it by God and which He revealed to us in the language of mathematics.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Nature loves simplicity and unity.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Since we astronomers are priests of the highest God in regard to the book of nature, it befits us to be thoughtful, not of the glory of our minds, but rather, above all else, of the glory of God.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “When ships to sail the void between the stars have been built, there will step forth men to sail these ships.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Why are things as they are and not otherwise?”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Without proper experiments I conclude nothing.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Eyesight should learn from reason.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “My greatest desire is that I may perceive the God whom I find everywhere in the external world, in like manner also within and inside myself.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “I believe only and alone in the service of Jesus Christ. In him is all refuge and solace.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Geometry is one and eternal shining in the mind of God. That share in it accorded to men is one of the reasons that Man is the image of God.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “We do not ask for what useful purpose the birds do sing, for song is their pleasure since they were created for singing. Similarly, we ought not to ask why the human mind troubles to fathom the secrets of the heavens...”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “It may be well to wait a century for a reader, as God has waited six thousand years for an observer.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “We find, therefore, under this orderly arrangement, a wonderful symmetry in the universe, and a definite relation of harmony in the motion and magnitude of the orbs, of a kind that is not possible to obtain in any other way.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Nature uses as little as possible of anything.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “O telescope, instrument of knowledge, more precious than any sceptre.”

Johannes Kepler Quote: “Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world.”

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