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John Adams Quote: “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”

John Adams Quote: “Let justice be done though the heavens should fall.”

John Adams Quote: “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.”

John Adams Quote: “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

John Adams Quote: “One useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three is a Congress.”

John Adams Quote: “To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do.”

John Adams Quote: “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

John Adams Quote: “Let us tenderly and kindly cherish therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write .”

John Adams Quote: “I would quarrel with both parties, and with every individual of each, before I would subjugate my understanding, or prostitute my tongue or pen to either.”

John Adams Quote: “Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.”

John Adams Quote: “Ideology is the science of idiots.”

John Adams Quote: “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.”

John Adams Quote: “The happiness of society is the end of government.”

John Adams Quote: “Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.”

John Adams Quote: “Posterity! you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it.”

John Adams Quote: “The United States is not a Christian nation any more than it is a Jewish or a Mohammedan nation.”

John Adams Quote: “I must study war and politics so that my children shall be free to study commerce, agriculture and other practicalities, so that their children can study painting, poetry and other fine things.”

John Adams Quote: “We Recognize No Sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus!”

John Adams Quote: “To believe all men honest is folly. To believe none is something worse.”

John Adams Quote: “We have no Constitution which functions in the absence of a moral people.”

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