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Top 20 John Daido Loori Quotes (2023 Update)

John Daido Loori Quote: “The creative process, like a spiritual journey, is intuitive, non-linear, and experiential. It points us toward our essential nature, which is a reflection of the boundless creativity of the universe.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “The future doesn’t exist. It hasn’t happened yet. The past doesn’t exist. It has already happened.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “If you miss the moment, you miss your life.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “Creativity is our birthright. It is an integral part of being human, as basic as walking, talking and thinking.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “What transpires for the least significant member transpires at once for the whole.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “Thoughts well up in our mind moment by moment. But we refrain from doing anything with our thoughts. We just let everything come up freely and go away freely. We don’t grasp anything. We don’t try to control anything. We just sit.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “To be simple means to make a choice about what’s important, and let go of all the rest. When we are able to do this, our vision expands, our heads clear, and we can better see the details of our lives in all their incredible wonder and beauty.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “The causes of evil karma are greed, anger, and ignorance – the three poisons. We create karma through action, by what we do with our body, words, and thoughts. In atoning we take full and unequivocal responsibility for it all. When we do that, we empower ourself. It becomes our evil karma, not someone else’s. We acknowledge ourself as an active agent, not a passive victim. We begin to recognize that our life is not just something that happens to us.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “There is no gap between us and the process.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “To be still means to empty yourself from the incessant flow of thoughts and create a state of consciousness that is open and receptive.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “Words and ideas are a description of reality, silence is a negation of reality. What is the reality itself?”
John Daido Loori Quote: “Wordless is not the same of expressionless. All phenomenon of the universe, audible and inaudible, tangible and intangible, sentient and insentient, are the clear and ceaseless expression of the buddha nature.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “To know objects only through dissecting and cataloguing them is to miss their full reality. It is to fall asleep amidst the mystery and to become numb to the wonder of this great Earth.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “But down the bagagge, take of the blinders, and see for yourself that this very place is the valley of the endless spring, this very body is the body of the universe. At such a time, who is it who can accompany this?”
John Daido Loori Quote: “There is no place to search for the truth. Though it’s right beneath your feet, it can’t be found.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “If I was asked to get rid of the Zen aesthetic and just keep one quality necessary to create art, I would say it’s trust. When you learn to trust yourself implicitly, you no longer need to prove something through your art. You simply allow it to come out, to be as it is. This is when creating art becomes effortless. It happens just as you grow your hair. It grows.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “When we realize the ground of being, we take responsibility directly, because what we realize is that what we do and what happens to us are the same thing.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “Everything is unhindered, clouds gracefully floating up to the peaks, the moonlight glitteringly flowing down mountain streams.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “No creature, large or small, ever fails to cover the ground upon which it stands.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “The zazen I speak of is not learning meditation.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “As long as we blame, as long as we avoid or deny, we remove from the realm of possibility the power to do something about our lives. We become totally dependent upon the ups and downs we create around us.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “Zen is a special transmission outside the scriptures, no reliance on words and letters, a direct pointing to the human mind, the realization of Buddhahood.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “We constantly need to be reminded not to attach to anything.”
John Daido Loori Quote: “We’ve come into this life fully equipped as a buddha, an awakened being, and we’ll go out fully equipped as a buddha, realized or not.”
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