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Top 180 John Grisham Quotes (2023 Update)

John Grisham Quote: “Reading is by far the most successful pursuit of happiness.”
John Grisham Quote: “Live your life the way you want. You’ll figure it out.”
John Grisham Quote: “Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have.”
John Grisham Quote: “If you’re gonna be stupid you gotta be tough.”
John Grisham Quote: “In life, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth. Each of you is an original. Each of you has a distinctive voice. When you find it, your story will be told. You will be heard.”
John Grisham Quote: “You live your life today, Not tommorow, and certainly not yesterday.”
John Grisham Quote: “When witnesses concoct lies, they often miss the obvious.”
John Grisham Quote: “And that’s the mission of The Innocence Project in New York, is to exonerate people who have been wrongfully convicted, and also work from a policy angle with Congress and state legislatures to prevent future wrongful convictions.”
John Grisham Quote: “There’s always such a rush to judgment. It makes a fair trial hard to get.”
John Grisham Quote: “Every morning I wake at 6am or 6.30am, champing at the bit.”
John Grisham Quote: “Please give me fifty more years of work and fun, then an instant death when I’m sleeping.”
John Grisham Quote: “Death row is a nightmare to serial killers and ax murderers. For an innocent man, it’s a life of mental torture that the human spirit is not equipped to survive.”
John Grisham Quote: “Still, something about writing made me spend large hours of my free time at my desk.”
John Grisham Quote: “Some people have more guts than brains.”
John Grisham Quote: “The mother of a trophy wife is not automatically a trophy mother-in-law.”
John Grisham Quote: “I didn’t dare think of the future; the past was still happening.”
John Grisham Quote: “He’s my client, and he’s counting on me. I’ll take him, warts and all.”
John Grisham Quote: “I’m alone and outgunned, scared and inexperienced, but I’m right.”
John Grisham Quote: “I guess under the right circumstances, a man will do just about anything.”
John Grisham Quote: “Writing was not a childhood dream of mine. I do not recall longing to write as a student. I wasn’t sure how to start.”
John Grisham Quote: “I have learned not to read reviews. Period. And I hate reviewers. All of them, or at least all but two or three. Life is much simpler ignoring reviews and the nasty people who write them. Critics should find meaningful work.”
John Grisham Quote: “I am currently reading, “The Broker” by John Grisham. it is alittle slow to start so I will have to let you know if it gets better.”
John Grisham Quote: “We learned after the first semester in law school that it’s best never to discuss exams. If notes are compared afterwards, you become painfully aware of things you missed.”
John Grisham Quote: “I was a lawyer for 10 years – a short time, but it molded me into who I am.”
John Grisham Quote: “Writing’s still the most difficult job I’ve ever had – but it’s worth it.”
John Grisham Quote: “Poverty is a great equalizer.”
John Grisham Quote: “Four rehabs meant a fifth was somewhere down the road.”
John Grisham Quote: “The good thing about writing fiction is that you can get back at people.”
John Grisham Quote: “One thing you really have to watch as a writer is getting on a soapbox or pulpit about anything. You don’t want to alienate readers.”
John Grisham Quote: “The presumption of innocence is now the presumption of guilt. The burden of proof is a travesty because the proof is often lies. Guilt beyond a reasonable doubt means if he probably did it, then let’s get him off the streets.”
John Grisham Quote: “Jesus preached more and taught more about helping the poor and the sick and the hungry than he did about heaven and hell. Shouldn’t that tell us something?”
John Grisham Quote: “Nobody wants to read about the honest lawyer down the street who does real estate loans and wills. If you want to sell books, you have to write about the interesting lawyers – the guys who steal all the money and take off. That’s the fun stuff.”
John Grisham Quote: “It’s a game. We tax lawyers teach the rich how to play it so they can stay rich-and the IRS keeps changing the rules so we can keep getting rich teaching them.”
John Grisham Quote: “Billing was the lifeblood of the firm. Everything revolved around it.”
John Grisham Quote: “I don’t usually eat breakfast. I prefer to be asleep during the hours that it is served.”
John Grisham Quote: “I struggle with racism every day.”
John Grisham Quote: “Shame was an emotion he had abandoned years earlier. Addicts know no shame. You disgrace yourself so many times you become immune to it.”
John Grisham Quote: “I’ve written 17 novels, and I’ve found out that fiction can’t keep up with real life.”
John Grisham Quote: “In one long glorious acknowledgment of failure, he laid himself bare before God.”
John Grisham Quote: “The worst letters come from retired high school English teachers. They will literally take a book and pick it to pieces and send me 14 pages of notes.”
John Grisham Quote: “After I’d been a lawyer for about five or six years, I started playing around with fiction.”
John Grisham Quote: “In the sixth chapter of the Gospel of Luke, Jesus teaches the importance of forgiveness. He knows we’re human and our natural tendency is to seek revenge, to strike back, to condemn those who hurt us, but this is wrong. We’re supposed to forgive, always.”
John Grisham Quote: “You burn a man’s pickup, and he’s ready for war.”
John Grisham Quote: “When you work at street level you never know who’s going to walk through your door.”
John Grisham Quote: “Keeping a guy in prison costs 50,000 bucks a year. Executing one costs a couple million.”
John Grisham Quote: “I learned that lesson a long time ago. When you write popular fiction, you’re going to get bashed by critics.”
John Grisham Quote: “I looked at her and tried to speak, but all I could think about was how shocked she’d be if I said what I was thinking.”
John Grisham Quote: “There are few things I like better in life than getting lost in a good book.”
John Grisham Quote: “A lawyer had to be himself in the courtroom, and if he was afraid, so be it. The jurors were afraid too. Make friends with fear, Lucien always said, because it will not go away, and it will destroy you if left uncontrolled.”
John Grisham Quote: “I don’t want to force my politics on my readers.”
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