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Top 50 John Rawls Quotes (2024 Update)

John Rawls Quote: “The principles of justice are chosen behind a veil of ignorance.”
John Rawls Quote: “The natural distribution is neither just nor unjust; nor is it unjust that persons are born into society at some particular position. These are simply natural facts. What is just and unjust is the way that institutions deal with these facts.”
John Rawls Quote: “A just society is a society that if you knew everything about it, you’d be willing to enter it in a random place.”
John Rawls Quote: “Justice as fairness provides what we want.”
John Rawls Quote: “Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought. A theory however elegant and economical must be rejected or revised if it is untrue; likewise laws and institutions no matter how efficient and well-arranged must be reformed or abolished if they are unjust.”
John Rawls Quote: “Justice is happiness according to virtue.”
John Rawls Quote: “The fairest rules are those to which everyone would agree if they did not know how much power they would have.”
John Rawls Quote: “A society regulated by a public sense of justice is inherently stable.”
John Rawls Quote: “An injustice is tolerable only when it is necessary to avoid an even greater injustice.”
John Rawls Quote: “The fault of the utilitarian doctrine is that it mistakes impersonality for impartiality.”
John Rawls Quote: “If A were not allowed his better position, B would be even worse off than he is.”
John Rawls Quote: “Properly understood, then, the desire to act justly derives in part from the desire to express most fully what we are or can be, namely free and equal rational beings with the liberty to choose.”
John Rawls Quote: “In all sectors of society there should be roughly equal prospects of culture and achievement for everyone similarly motivated and endowed. The expectations of those with the same abilities and aspirations should not be affected by their social class.”
John Rawls Quote: “The hazards of the generalized prisoner’s dilemma are removed by the match between the right and the good.”
John Rawls Quote: “The fundamental criterion for judging any procedure is the justice of its likely results.”
John Rawls Quote: “Many of our most serious conflicts are conflicts within ourselves. Those who suppose their judgements are always consistent are unreflective or dogmatic.”
John Rawls Quote: “The sense of justice is continuous with the love of mankind.”
John Rawls Quote: “The strength of the claims of formal justice, of obedience to system, clearly depend upon the substantive justice of institutions and the possibilities of their reform.”
John Rawls Quote: “Among the essential features of this situation is that no one knows his place in society, his class position or social status, nor does any one know his fortune in the distribution of natural assets and abilities, his intelligence, strength, and the like. I shall even assume that the parties do not know their conceptions of the good or their special psychological propensities. The principles of justice are chosen behind a veil of ignorance.”
John Rawls Quote: “The intolerant can be viewed as free-riders, as persons who seek the advantages of just institutions while not doing their share to uphold them.”
John Rawls Quote: “The naturally advantaged are not to gain merely because they are more gifted, but only to cover the costs of training and education and for using their endowments in ways that help the less fortunate as well.”
John Rawls Quote: “Intuitionism is not constructive, perfectionism is unacceptable.”
John Rawls Quote: “It is of first importance that the military be subordinate to civilian government.”
John Rawls Quote: “No one deserves his greater natural capacity nor merits a more favorable starting place in society.”
John Rawls Quote: “The concept of justice I take to be defined, then, by the role of its principles in assigning rights and duties and in defining the appropriate division of social advantages. A conception of justice is an interpretation of this role.”
John Rawls Quote: “Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought.”
John Rawls Quote: “I have tried to set forth a theory that enables us to understand and to assess these feelings about the primacy of justice. Justice as fairness is the outcome: it articulates these opinions and supports their general tendency.”
John Rawls Quote: “We strive for the best we can attain within the scope the world allows.”
John Rawls Quote: “The circumstances of justice may be described as the normal conditions under which human cooperation is both possible and necessary.”
John Rawls Quote: “A scheme is unjust when the higher expectations, one or more of them, are excessive. If these expectations were decreased, the situation of the less favored would be improved.”
John Rawls Quote: “Ideal legislators do not vote their interests.”
John Rawls Quote: “Ideally a just constitution would be a just procedure arranged to insure a just outcome.”
John Rawls Quote: “The significance of this special case is obvious and needs no explanation. It is natural to conjecture that once we have a sound theory for this case, the remaining problems of justice will prove more tractable in the light of it.”
John Rawls Quote: “The bad man desires arbitrary power. What moves the evil man is the love of injustice.”
John Rawls Quote: “Clearly when the liberties are left unrestricted they collide with one another.”
John Rawls Quote: “Certainly it is wrong to be cruel to animals and the destruction of a whole species can be a great evil. The capacity for feelings of pleasure and pain and for the form of life of which animals are capable clearly impose duties of compassion and humanity in their case.”
John Rawls Quote: “The extreme nature of dominant-end views is often concealed by the vagueness and ambiguity of the end proposed.”
John Rawls Quote: “In constant pursuit of money to finance campaigns, the political system is simply unable to function. Its deliberative powers are paralyzed.”
John Rawls Quote: “An intuitionist conception of justice is, one might say, but half a conception.”
John Rawls Quote: “The other limitation on our discussion is that for the most part I examine the principles of justice that would regulate a well-ordered society. Everyone is presumed to act justly and to do his part in upholding just institutions.”
John Rawls Quote: “The claims of existing social arrangements and of self interest have been duly allowed for. We cannot at the end count them a second time because we do not like the result.”
John Rawls Quote: “When the basic structure of society is publicly known to satisfy its principles for an extended period of time, those subject to these arrangements tend to develop a desire to act in accordance with these principles and to do their part in institutions which exemplify them.”
John Rawls Quote: “There are infinitely many variations of the initial situation and therefore no doubt indefinitely many theorems of moral geometry.”
John Rawls Quote: “Ideally citizens are to think of themselves as if they were legislators and ask themselves what statutes, supported by what reasons satisfying the criterion of reciprocity, they would think is most reasonable to enact.”
John Rawls Quote: “The refusal to take part in all war under any conditions is an unworldly view bound to remain a sectarian doctrine. It no more challenges the state’s authority than the celibacy of priests challenges the sanctity of marriage.”
John Rawls Quote: “Thus I assume that to each according to his threat advantage is not a conception of justice.”
John Rawls Quote: “There is a divergence between private and social accounting that the market fails to register. One essential task of law and government is to institute the necessary conditions.”
John Rawls Quote: “While the distribution of wealth and income need not be equal, it must be to everyone’s advantage, and at the same time, positions of authority and offices of command must be accessible to all.”
John Rawls Quote: “We must choose for others as we have reason to believe they would choose for themselves if they were at the age of reason and deciding rationally.”
John Rawls Quote: “First of all, principles should be general. That is, it must be possible to formulate them without use of what would be intuitively recognized as proper names, or rigged definite descriptions.”
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