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Top 450 John Ruskin Quotes (2023 Update)
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John Ruskin Quote: “In one point of view, Gothic is not only the best, but the only rational architecture, as being that which can fit itself most easily to all services, vulgar or noble.”
John Ruskin Quote: “In every person who comes near you look for what is good and strong.”
John Ruskin Quote: “If only the Geologists would let me alone, I could do very well, but those dreadful Hammers! I hear the clink of them at the end of every cadence of the Bible verses.”
John Ruskin Quote: “No one can become rich by the efforts of only their toil, but only by the discovery of some method of taxing the labor of others.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The last act crowns the play.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Sculpture is not the mere cutting of the form of anything in stone; it is the cutting of the effect of it. Very often the true form, in the marble, would not be in the least like itself.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Labor rids us of three great evils; tediousness, vice, and poverty.”
John Ruskin Quote: “It is a good and safe rule to sojourn in every place as if you meant to spend your life there, never omitting an opportunity of doing a kindness, or speaking a true word, or making a friend.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Man’s only true happiness is to live in hope of something to be won by him. Reverence something to be worshipped by him, and love something to be cherished by him, forever.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Morality does not depend on religion.”
John Ruskin Quote: “You will never love art well until you love what she mirrors better.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Success by the laws of competition signifies a victory over others by obtaining the direction and profits of their work. This is the real source of all great riches.”
John Ruskin Quote: “I am far more provoked at being thought foolish by foolish people, than pleased at being thought sensible by sensible people; and the average proportion of the numbers of each is not to my advantage.”
John Ruskin Quote: “He who is not actively kind is cruel!”
John Ruskin Quote: “It is only by labour that thought can be made healthy, and only by thought that labour can be made happy, and the two cannot be separated with impunity.”
John Ruskin Quote: “A man is born an artist as a hippopotamus is born a hippopotamus; and you can no more make yourself one than you can make yourself a giraffe.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Your art is to be the praise of something that you love. It may only be the praise of a shell or a stone.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Cheerfulness is as natural to the heart of a man in strong health as color to his cheek; and wherever there is habitual gloom there must be either bad air, unwholesome food, improperly severe labor, or erring habits of life.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The true grotesque being the expression of the repose or play of a serious mind, there is a false grotesque opposed to it, which is the result of the full exertion of a frivolous one.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Science is the knowledge of constant things, not merely of passing events, and is properly less the knowledge of general laws than of existing facts.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Imperfection is in some sort essential to all that we know in life.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Every great person is always being helped by everybody; for their gift is to get good out of all things and all persons.”
John Ruskin Quote: “It is perhaps the principal admirableness of the Gothic schools of architecture, that they receive the results of the labour of inferior minds; and out of fragments full of imperfectionraise up a stately and unaccusable whole.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The highest thoughts are those which are least dependent on language, and the dignity of any composition and praise to which it is entitled are in exact proportion to its dependency of language or expression.”
John Ruskin Quote: “There is material enough in a single flower for the ornament of a score of cathedrals.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Occult Theft, – Theft which hides itself even from itself, and is legal, respectable, and cowardly, – corrupts the body and soul of man, to the last fibre of them. And the guilty Thieves of Europe, the real sources of all deadly war in it, are the Capitalists.”
John Ruskin Quote: “It is far more difficult to be simple than to be complicated; far more difficult to sacrifice skill and easy execution in the proper place, than to expand both indiscriminately.”
John Ruskin Quote: “It is better to be nobly remembered than nobly born.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Anything which elevates the mind is sublime. Greatness of matter, space, power, virtue or beauty, are all sublime.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Shadows are in reality, when the sun is shining, the most conspicuous thing in a landscape, next to the highest lights.”
John Ruskin Quote: “No day is without its innocent hope.”
John Ruskin Quote: “A forest of all manner of trees is poor, if not disagreeable, in effect; a mass of one species of tree is sublime.”
John Ruskin Quote: “If we pretend to have reached either perfection or satisfaction, we have degraded ourselves and our work. God’s work only may express that, but ours may never have that sentence written upon it, Behold it was very good.”
John Ruskin Quote: “A little group of wise hearts is better than a wilderness full of fools.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Expression, sentiment, truth to nature, are essential: but all those are not enough. I never care to look at a picture again, if it be ill composed; and if well composed I can hardly leave off looking at it.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Let us reform our schools, and we shall find little reform needed in our prisons.”
John Ruskin Quote: “I believe the right question to ask, respecting all ornament, is simply this; was it done with enjoyment, was the carver happy while he was about it?”
John Ruskin Quote: “A thing is worth what it can do for you, not what you choose to pay for it.”
John Ruskin Quote: “A man never stood so tall as when he stooped to help a child.”
John Ruskin Quote: “I used to lie down on the grass and draw the blades as they grew – until every square foot of meadow, or mossy bank, became a possession to me.”
John Ruskin Quote: “In order that a man may be happy, it is necessary that he should not only be capable of his work, but a good judge of his work.”
John Ruskin Quote: “There is large difference between indolent impatience of labor and intellectual impatience of delay, large difference between leaving things unfinished because we have more to do or because we are satisfied with what we have done.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Bread of flour is good; but there is bread, sweet as honey, if we would eat it, in a good book.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Everything that you can see in the world around you presents itself to your eyes only as an arrangement of patches of different colors.”
John Ruskin Quote: “He that would be angry and sin not, must not be angry with anything but sin.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things, but enjoy them.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Nobody cares much at heart about Titian, only there is a strange undercurrent of everlasting murmur about his name, which means the deep consent of all great men that he is greater than they.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Music when healthy, is the teacher of perfect order, and when depraved, the teacher of perfect disorder.”
John Ruskin Quote: “One of the worst diseases to which the human creature is liable is its disease of thinking.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Commerce is the agency by which the power of choice is obtained.”
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