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John Ruskin Quote: “Race is precisely of as much consequence in man as it is in any animal.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The higher a man stands, the more the word vulgar becomes unintelligible to him.”
John Ruskin Quote: “I cannot but think it an evil sign of a people when their houses are built to last for one generation only.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Work first and then rest. Work first, and then gaze, but do not use golden ploughshares, nor bind ledgers in enamel.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Absolute and entire ugliness is rare.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Our purity of taste is best tested by its universality, for if we can only admire this thing or that, we maybe use that our cause for liking is of a finite and false nature.”
John Ruskin Quote: “There are no such things as Flowers there are only gladdened Leaves.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The wisest men are wise to the full in death.”
John Ruskin Quote: “As long as there are cold and nakedness in the land around you, so long can there be no question at all but that splendor of dress is a crime.”
John Ruskin Quote: “An architect should live as little in cities as a painter. Send him to our hills, and let him study there what nature understands by a buttress, and what by a dome.”
John Ruskin Quote: “How long most people would look at the best book before they would give the price of a large turbot for it?”
John Ruskin Quote: “He is the greatest artist who has embodied, in the sum of his works, the greatest number of the greatest ideas.”
John Ruskin Quote: “No good is ever done to society by the pictorial representation of its diseases.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Wherever men are noble, they love bright colour; and wherever they can live healthily, bright colour is given them – in sky, sea, flowers, and living creatures.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Every hue throughout your work is altered by every touch you add in other places.”
John Ruskin Quote: “It is in this power of saying everything, and yet saying nothing too plainly, that the perfection of art consists.”
John Ruskin Quote: “However good you may be you have faults; however dull you may be you can find out what some of them are, and however slight they may be you had better make some – not too painful, but patient efforts to get rid of them.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Men are more evanescent than pictures, yet one sorrows for lost friends, and pictures are my friends. I have none others. I am never long enough with men to attach myself to them; and whatever feelings of attachment I have are to material things.”
John Ruskin Quote: “An artist should be well read in the best books, and thoroughly high bred, both in heart and bearing. In a word, he should be fit for the best society, and should keef out of it.”
John Ruskin Quote: “To cultivate sympathy you must be among living creatures, and thinking about them; and to cultivate admiration, you must be among beautiful things and looking at them.”
John Ruskin Quote: “No art can be noble which is incapable of expressing thought, and no art is capable of expressing thought which does not change.”
John Ruskin Quote: “No picture can be good which deceives by its imitation, for the very reason that nothing can be beautiful which is not true.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Variety is a positive requisite even in the character of our food.”
John Ruskin Quote: “No architecture is so haughty as that which is simple.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The greatest efforts of the race have always been traceable to the love of praise, as the greatest catastrophes to the love of pleasure.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Natural abilities can almost compensate for the want of every kind of cultivation, but no cultivation of the mind can make up for the want of natural abilities.”
John Ruskin Quote: “To know anything well involves a profound sensation of ignorance.”
John Ruskin Quote: “An unimaginative person can neither be reverent nor kind.”
John Ruskin Quote: “If the design of the building be originally bad, the only virtue it can ever possess will be signs of antiquity.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Depend upon it, the first universal characteristic of all great art is Tenderness, as the second is Truth.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The beginning and almost the end of all good law is that everyone shall work for their bread and receive good bread for their work.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Whenever I did anything wrong, stupid or hard-hearted, and I have done many things that were all three, my mother always said “it is because you were too much indulged.””
John Ruskin Quote: “The imagination is never governed, it is always the ruling and divine power.”
John Ruskin Quote: “It is not the church we want, but the sacrifice; not the emotion of admiration, but the act of adoration; not the gift, but the giving.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Science studies the relations of things to each other: but art studies only their relations to man.”
John Ruskin Quote: “A nation which lives a pastoral and innocent life never decorates the shepherd’s staff or the plough-handle; but races who live by depredation and slaughter nearly always bestow exquisite ornaments on the quiver, the helmet, and the spear.”
John Ruskin Quote: “How false is the conception, how frantic the pursuit, of that treacherous phantom which men call Liberty.”
John Ruskin Quote: “It is his restraint that is honorable to a person, not their liberty.”
John Ruskin Quote: “In old times men used their powers of painting to show the objects of faith, in later times they use the objects of faith to show their powers of painting.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The best work never was and never will be done for money.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The Divine mind is as visible in its full energy of operation on every lowly bank and mouldering stone as in the lifting of the pillars of heaven, and settling the foundation of the earth.”
John Ruskin Quote: “In great countries, children are always trying to remain children, and the parents want to make them into adults. In vile countries, the children are always wanting to be adults and the parents want to keep them children.”
John Ruskin Quote: “The art of nations is to be accumulative, just as science and history are; the work of living men not superseding, but building itself upon the work of the past.”
John Ruskin Quote: “There is no wealth but life. Life, including all its powers of love, of joy, and of admiration. That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest numbers of noble and happy human beings; that man is richest, who, having perfected the functions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpful influence, both personal, and by means of his possessions, over the lives of others.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Great art is precisely that which never was, nor will be taught, it is preeminently and finally the expression of the spirits of great men.”
John Ruskin Quote: “There is no wealth but life. Life, including all its powers of love, of joy, and of admiration.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Nearly all the evils in the Church have arisen from bishops desiring power more than light. They want authority, not outlook.”
John Ruskin Quote: “As the art of life is learned, it will be found at last that all lovely things are also necessary; a wild flower by the wayside, tended corn, wild birds and creatures of the forest, as well as the tended cattle; because man doth not live by bread only.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Whereas it has long been known and declared that the poor have no right to the property of the rich, I wish it also to be known and declared that the rich have no right to the property of the poor.”
John Ruskin Quote: “Men cannot not live by exchanging articles, but producing them. They live by work not trade.”
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