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Top 25 John Sculley Quotes (2024 Update)

John Sculley Quote: “Marketing strategy is a series of integrated actions leading to a sustainable competitive advantage.”
John Sculley Quote: “Marketing is really theater. It’s like staging a performance.”
John Sculley Quote: “No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data.”
John Sculley Quote: “Innovation has never come through bureaucracy and hierarchy. It’s always come from individuals.”
John Sculley Quote: “As a brand marketer, I’m a big believer in ‘branding the customer experience,’ not just selling the service.”
John Sculley Quote: “There are just moments when all the stars are aligned for breakthrough products.”
John Sculley Quote: “We expect teachers to handle teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, and the failings of the family. Then we expect them to educate our children.”
John Sculley Quote: “Nothing will divide this nation more than ignorance, and nothing can bring us together better than an educated population.”
John Sculley Quote: “Healthcare has been the last major industry that hasn’t been touched by technology in terms of productivity and consumer adoption in the way so many other industries have.”
John Sculley Quote: “If you spend too much time worrying about how other people perceive you, you’ll never break the rules.”
John Sculley Quote: “People who take risks are the people you’ll lose against.”
John Sculley Quote: “Apple is so focused on its vision that it does things in a very careful, deliberate way.”
John Sculley Quote: “Great marketing cannot sell a pedestrian product very well.”
John Sculley Quote: “Apple no longer builds any products. When I was there, people used to call Apple “a vertically integrated advertising agency,” which was not a compliment.”
John Sculley Quote: “Innovation, I believe, is the only way that America will regain the initiative in a global dynamic economy.”
John Sculley Quote: “If we hadn’t put a man on the moon, there wouldn’t be a Silicon Valley today.”
John Sculley Quote: “The new leaders face new tests such as how to lead in this idea-intensive, interdependent network environment.”
John Sculley Quote: “Those lessons that I got along the way are the ones that have shaped my life for the last 20 years.”
John Sculley Quote: “Health care missed the PC and Internet revolutions, but it can’t afford to miss the cloud and mobile revolution.”
John Sculley Quote: “I believe that crisis really tends to help develop the characer of an organisation.”
John Sculley Quote: “You can’t be No. 1 unless you think like No. 1. You have to appear like No. 1.”
John Sculley Quote: “Implementers aren’t considered bozos anymore.”
John Sculley Quote: “I have found that I always learn more from my mistakes than from my successes. If you aren’t making some mistakes, you aren’t taking enough chances.”
John Sculley Quote: “Everything at Apple can be best understood through the lens of designing. Whether it’s designing the look and feel of the user experience, or the industrial design, or the system design, and even things like how the boards were laid out.”
John Sculley Quote: “People are going to be most creative and productive when they’re doing something they’re really interested in.”
John Sculley Quote: “The news of my pregnancy spread like a forest fire in summer.”
John Sculley Quote: “The Japanese always started with the market share of components first. So one would dominate, let’s say, sensors, and someone else would dominate memory, and someone else hard drives and things of that sort.”
John Sculley Quote: “In many cases, jobs that used to be done by people are going to be able to be done through automation. I don’t have an answer to that. That’s one of the more perplexing problems of society.”
John Sculley Quote: “The Mac defined personal technology, and the iPhone defines intimate technology as a convergence of communications, content and location.”
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