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Top 10 Joseph Nye Quotes (2024 Update)

Joseph Nye Quote: “Democracy is the best school to learn soft power.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “Power is the ability to affect others to get the outcomes you want, and that can be done by coercion, payment or attraction.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “In the information age, it’s not just whose army wins, but whose story wins.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “Leadership experts and the public alike extol the virtues of transformational leaders – those who set out bold objectives and take risks to change the world. We tend to downplay ‘transactional’ leaders, whose goals are more modest, as mere managers.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “The national interest is predetermined by geopolitics or the history of a country. Important political leaders never just followed their interests – they were concerned about the interests of their people.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “As we think of power in the 21st century, we want to get away from the idea that power’s always zero sum – my gain is your loss and vice versa. Power can also be positive sum, where your gain can be my gain.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “Terrorism is like jujitsu: The small players win if they make the large player use his strength against himself.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “Plenty of information leads to scarcity of attention. When people are overwhelmed with the volume of information confronting them, it is hard to know what to focus on. Attention rather than information becomes the scarce resource and those who can distinguish valuable information from background clutter gain power.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “Money and donations are an important part of our political system. They are hard power.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “America rests on shared values rather than shared ethnicity.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “American power in the world relies on these ideals of openness and critical debate.”
Joseph Nye Quote: “America should find its interests in ways which are more consistent with the interests of other countries, which are things that are good for us but also good for others. That will make Americans exporters of hope again, not exporters of fear.”
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