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Top 10 K.A. Reynolds Quotes (2023 Update)

K.A. Reynolds Quote: “Only those who escape Yesterday understand the language of Now.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “Unfortunately, confusing and crazy ordeals are often the only way to get to the bottom of incomprehensible things.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “Now the world had narrowed down to this: Tuesday hated Cecelia and Cecelia hated it back.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “To Cecelia, the friend I needed as a child and found as an adult, thank you for finding me at just the right time – on my knees, ready to give up writing forever, and for holding my hand in the dark and showing me the way.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “In Cecelia’s opinion, people who didn’t believe in fantastical things were awfully hard to listen to.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “Like all good tragedies, this story begins with love.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “Cecelia swore she felt her heart shatter, and the wind whisper, “For you, Cecelia Dahl, this day may never end.” And it hadn’t. For Cecelia, Tuesday remained evil, and yesterday hung on like a vulture, refusing to let her go.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “To all those living, BEWARE. Go no farther. Turn back now. For this is the way of the lost, of death, and wandering ghosts. Leave Yesterday in the past, Traveler, lest ye become a lost thing yourself.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “If people knew how to get to Yesterday, they’d leave Today, and the world would be nothing but ghosts.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “What choice did she have? Adults always did what they wanted, despite their children’s sensible suggestions.”
K.A. Reynolds Quote: “Cecelia, do you know why you’re so special?” her mother had asked. Cecelia shook her head as her hair dried her tears. “You saw in him what few are able to see in another. You saw yourself within him. Each time you looked into his eyes, you saw your own happiness, love vulnerability, and pain. You’re a rare child to be able to see so deeply inside the heart of love.”
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