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Top 20 K.B. Ezzell Quotes (2023 Update)

K.B. Ezzell Quote: “She was so pretty, not the kind of pretty that hits you at first, but the kind that blooms the longer you were with her. Like a flower, she was always like a flower to me.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Sometimes, trust is something born only out of necessity. A curtain we draw to hide the ugly truth in order to convince ourselves that everything is fine, when deep down, we know nothing is fine. Crazy logic, I know. But take it from someone who knows. I trust people just enough to keep my head above water, but never completely. No matter how much you invest in a person, no matter how much think you can trust them, you can always be fooled.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Her laugh was my favorite sound, and I think I was her favorite reason to laugh.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “I dream of the stars,” I let the words slip gaily from my mouth as my imagination finally got carried away. “I dream of taking every one of them in my hands and kissing them.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Humans feel pain, they feel it hard and heavy and deep, and that right there is the only proof of life you will ever need.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Bravery is never measured by the magnitude of the actions, but rather by the choices made.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Music is the only place where time does not exist.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “You’re not a smiling lady,′ he explained simply. ‘Everyone smiles. Overused and elementary, if you ask me! The world has enough pretty, smiling girls. You’re better than that. Deeper than that. Standing and smiling vacuously at thin air all the time! Girls like that are hopeless, useless, and false. You’re a thinking lady, I say. Zealous and thinking and true. And a decent man prefers a true lady over a false one any day.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “The city was alive to a nonsensical degree. Every color was so absurdly saturated that I thought it was all kind of like a dream, more a painting or an art deco interpretation of a city than an actual city.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “I believe there are still wandering dreamers and exceptional imaginations among us. I believe fiction can be beautiful again.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “One of my greatest obsessions is the lights of a city. Through my eyes there is nothing so delicious and rich and lovely.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “My mother always said that plain can be pretty too.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “The ocean will always betray me. No matter how beautiful it is.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “He never questioned me or my reasons, and it was rather wonderful to find someone who simply chose to ignore the unexplainable in me exactly when I wanted him to without a word.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Some people like the dreaming better than the coming true part. They hate when things work out, they almost expect them to go wrong, and they never know what to do when their cynicism is proven wrong.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “I do so love to listen to the deep words of bold men, though I have precious few to add.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “I rocketed a commanding finger to the heavens and it rained stardust upon our young heads.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Everyone dies a few times.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “She told him once, I think they were drunk, that he could never keep a garden until he learned how to love pretty things without destroying them.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Why does everything move so fast when you are angry?”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “I gave in to a deep and healthy laughter that must have added ten years to my life and given birth to a thousand blue butterflies somewhere in the world.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “I knew never to trust a sweet promise.”
K.B. Ezzell Quote: “Boys get real scared when girls say everything at once.”
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